Cover letters for Church Secretary Resume needs to be written purposely for each church job that you apply for. Not only this, a cover letter needs to express interest and information about the secretary position that you apply for. Make sure that your cover letter is not sketchy and does not end up in someone’s junk.

Church Secretary Resume Tips

• Familiarize yourself with church terminology and incorporate those in the text of your letter. The job advertisement will guide you in this regard
• Make a note of all required skills and enlist some of your qualifications that are the employer’s priority
• Convey motivation, interest and professionalism
• Demonstrate your analytical skills in the writing by catering your letter to suit the specific industry you are applying in

Here are two sample cover letters for a church secretary position to guide you accordingly.


Church Secretary Cover Letter Sample 1


Henry Richardson

544 Roselyn Sq | Wheeling, WV 26005 | (008) 444-5555 | henry @ email . com

January 19, 2015

Pastor Jacob Meyers
HR In Charge
Good Shepherd Church
4677 Cemetery Lane
Wheeling, WV 26005


Dear Mr. Meyers:

While going through your job requirements for the position of church secretary at Good Shepherd Church, I felt as if it was an exact print of my qualifications:

● 4+ years’ firsthand experience in designing, editing, printing and promoting weekly, monthly and quarterly church bulletins, activity calendars, newsletters and brochures efficiently

● Demonstrated ability to perform daily church office duties; greet visitors, attend phone calls and handle daily correspondence

● Well versed in performing clerical tasks including typing, letter writing, faxing, photocopying and the like

● Effective in using all office related databases, MS publisher, MS Office suite, windows (all versions) and various applications of outlook

Additionally, I am well practiced in schedule management, record keeping, maintenance of committee files and monitoring of liturgical programs. As my enclosed resume shows, I am adept at planning and implementing various church activities, coordinating the same from conception to creation of welcome packs, promotion among the community and actual program induction.

I’d like to meet with you in order to learn more about the position. I shall call you this Friday to answer any queries you might have regarding my qualifications and, possibly, to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henry Richardson

Encl. Resume


Church Secretary Cover Letter Sample 2


887 Shammas Way
Marstons Mills, MA 34344

January 19, 2015

Mr. Peter Penne
Gailee Baptist Church
123 Shelton Road
Brockton, MA 11112


Dear Mr. Penne:

Mr. John Doe who is a fellow member of Gailee Baptist Church told me that there is a vacant post of a Church Secretary for which I would like to offer my services. I am a also member of the Gailee Baptist Church and reside on Shelton Road myself.

I was working as a Church Secretary until about six months ago when I moved to Brockton from Franklin and have since been looking for a position in this capacity. My duties at my previous post consisted of general office management, maintaining ministry office area, assisting with the Pastor and church calendars along with preparing, proofreading, printing and disbursing weekly bulletins. I am a responsible, engaging, motivated and self directed individual and feel that I may be the candidate that you are looking for to fill this post.

As a detail oriented and energetic individual, I would like to submit my resume as the first step in securing this position. I will discuss this opportunity with you when I see you personally at the Sunday Mass and will be available to talk at 999-999-9999 if you wish to speak to me earlier than that.

Thank you for taking out the time from a busy schedule and looking through this letter.



Timothy Abel

Enc. Resume