Home Daycare Provider Resume No Experience

Updated on: May 27, 2019

The field of child care and the profession of Home Daycare Provider can be competitive, mainly when there are a limited number of jobs available in your area.

To get a job in the child care field, you need to prove yourself as a dependable and driven candidate.


The method to do this is to make a professional resume that makes a good impression a potential employer and makes him or her want to know more about you.

Review the following entry-level home daycare provider resume sample to get help with building your resume when you have less or no experience in hand.

Tip: Do some research on your preferred place of employment before crafting your resume.



Alternate Job Titles for Home Daycare Provider

1. Babysitter
2. Child Caregiver – Private Home
3. Nanny
4. Parent’s Helper


Home Daycare Provider Resume No Experience


Mary Brown
62 Mill Street, Edmonton, AB S9R 6E9
(000) 548-9695
[email protected]


Exceptional child care skills and the ability to execute daycare operations.

• Highly skilled in assisting children learning through designing and managing activities
• In-depth knowledge of bathing, dressing and bottle-feeding infants and children
• Proven record of organizing events such as games and outings to provide fun and exercise
• Able to prepare formulas and change diapers
• Demonstrated ability to keep parents up to date regarding the child’s progress
• Well-versed in housekeeping duties and preparing meals for children
• Clean medical and criminal history

• Oversee Activities
• Safety Monitoring
• Meal Preparation
• Mealtime Management
• Recordkeeping


Daycare Volunteer
ABC Company, Edmonton, AB   1/2019 – 4/2019

  • Read to children and taught them simple painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs
  • Kept records of daily observations and information about activities, meals served, and medications administered
  • Communicated with parents regarding daily activities, behaviors, and related issues
  • Organized and stored toys and materials to maintain order in the play area
  • Cleaned toys and play equipment
  • Observed and monitored play activities of children
  • Helped children dress, and changed diapers of infants
  • Supported children’s emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts
  • Instructed children in health and individual habits

Concordia High School, Edmonton, AB | 2015

Current driver’s license with an insured car

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