Pastry chefs are considered a baking shop’s most important people as they are responsible for the yummy tasking and exotic looking pastries and baked goods that you see in their display shelves.

They not only work in bakeries but restaurants and hotels are also popular places for pastry chefs to work in.

The following cover letter holds content that is suitable for applying for a position as a pastry chef in any setting. Let us take a look!


Sample Cover Letter for Pastry Chef Resume


309 Onondaga Avenue
Syracuse, NY 63731

December 26, 2015

Mr. William Shatner
The Bake Shoppe
534 Georgian Ter
Syracuse, NY 64742


Dear Mr. Shatner:

I have been an avid fan of baking for a long time and my creativity has also been channelized towards this profession. That is why I am sending my resume as a job application of Pastry Chef Position currently available at The Bake Shoppe. With my ability to turn a raw pile of ingredients into delectable treats, I am quite certain that I will have much to contribute to your bake shop.

By virtue of a great aptitude to pay close attention to detail and a steady hand, I have been deemed an “artist” when it comes to pastry decoration. I have had considerable experience with flaky pastry which is one of the most difficult type to “get right” and I have even invented a cream-filled flaky pastry that does not dissolve but in the mouth! Since I was working on a supervisory position in my last work place, I have had experience overseeing staff and pastry production in order to maintain both quality and quantity and to further customer services.

The unique opportunity of working at The Bake Shoppe will allow me to use my expertise in a productive environment. I’d like to meet you to discuss this in detail. In order to follow-up, I will call you after 5 working days. Should you need to contact me in the interim, I may be reached at (117) 777-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Vanessa Wilcott

Enc. Resume