Pharmacy Cashier Resume: Sample & Job Description

Updated on: March 22, 2023

A pharmacy cashier works in pharmacies to provide cashiering services primarily. The main work of a person working in this position is to make sure that all transactions are properly handled, and that any discrepancies in assigned cash drawers are managed before they convert into crisis situations.

But the work of a pharmacy cashier is not limited to handling the POS system only. He or she will need to perform a variety of other jobs, including stocking, and order-filling, which is why it is important to know what these activities involve as well.

A resume is a prerequisite to applying for a pharmacy cashier job.

The only reason you would want to write a resume is to tell a prospective employer that you are the best person to hire for an advertised job.

This information can be communicated through the following resume sample:

Pharmacy Cashier Resume Example

Nicholas Cage
Bend, OR 
(000) 956-3210


Driven and dependable Cashier with extensive experience working in fast-paced and busy pharmacies. Well-versed in processing payments made in exchange for delivered/purchased medicine. Ability to maintain and manage over-the-counter medicines, and order and stock adequate inventory. A team player who works well with staff to attain the goals of the employer.

• POS Handling • Transaction Accuracy
• Reconciliation • Stocking
• Inventory Management • Complaint Handling
• Customer Assistance • Prescription Filling
• Identification Management • Medicine Displays
• Cash Register • Data Entry

• Filled 56 prescriptions singlehandedly in the event of high customer volume within the store.
• Reconciled a particularly stubborn problem within the POS system, which had been in limbo for 2 days.
• Reorganized the inventory system, making it 75% more efficient than it was earlier.
• Introduced the concept of identifying patients’ age and disease, before dishing out OTC medicines, as a precautionary measure.


Pharmacy Cashier
Walgreens, Bend, OR                       
• Greet customers as they arrive at the counter, and ensure that a technician is serving them.
• Check bought items to ensure their accuracy with the prescriptions, and expiry and price information.
• Punch medicine names into the system, to bring up their prices, and provide customers with information on the owed total.
• Process cash and card transactions, ensuring that any change and receipts are tendered.
• Ensure that medicines are correctly packed and handed over to them.
• Handle medicine stocking and prescription filling duties, to assist technicians and order fillers.
• Oversee the inventory of medications, ensuring that low-stock situations are communicated to the manager.

Pharmacy Technician
Ten Oaks Pharmacy, Bend, OR               
• Took and checked customers’ prescriptions to determine required medicines.
• Followed orders to locate drugs within the storage area, and picked and checked medicines for accuracy according to the prescription.
• Led customers through the payment procedure, ensuring that their change and receipts were tendered.
• Cleaned and stocked shelves, ensuring that any low-stock situations were handled by bringing out medicines from the storage areas.

Bend High School, Bend, OR
High School Diploma

“I offer friendly, empathetic, and professional service to customers.”

Pharmacy Cashier Job Description for Resume

  • Greet customers as they arrive at the pharmacy, and assist them with their prescriptions.
  • Ensure that an order filler or pharmacy technician is available to take orders, or fill prescriptions.
  • Look through the database/inventory to determine the availability of required medicines.
  • Provide order fillers with information on the location and quantity of medicines.
  • Punch purchased medicines into the system, and provide customers with information on prices.
  • Process both cash and credit/debit card payments, and tender change and receipts according to protocol.
  • Pack customers’ medicines in bags or boxes, and ensure that they are provided with information on exchanges and returns.
  • Balance the assigned POS system at the end of each shift, and ensure that any discrepancies are properly managed.
  • Assist order fillers in locating medicines from shelves and storage areas, especially in cases of high customer volume.
  • Oversee the medicine inventory system, ensuring that any low-stock situations are communicated to the pharmacy manager.

Position Requirements

Working as a pharmacy cashier will require you to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. If you have had any prior experience in this regard, you will be considered a good person to hire, even if your last stint was not in a pharmacy.

It is not the easiest of things to work on a POS system, especially when you are working in a pharmacy. You have to be quite vigilant, especially when you are in the process of filling out orders.