Pharmacy Cashier Cover Letter Sample

Updated: March 22, 2023

You write a cover letter for one primary purpose, and that is to provide prospective employers with information on how great you will be once they hire you.

This information cannot be communicated verbatim – you have to use a few tactics to make sure that your candidature comes across as the best, without you saying so.

While there are some situations in which you will need to say it out loud, it is best to hint at it.

Pharmacy cashier cover letters are written for the prime reason of providing hiring managers with information on what your specific abilities and skills are, as they relate to a job. Whenever you write one, make sure that it focuses on the hiring manager, and not yourself.

While you do have to tell him how awesome you are, you must make sure that you elicit this information in sync with what the hiring manager wants.

Here is how this is done:

Pharmacy Cashier Cover Letter Example

March 22, 2023

Mr. Steven Berg
Human Resource Manager
984 Gregory Street
Klamath Falls, OR

Dear Mr. Berg:

It is with continued interest and enthusiasm that I respond to your job posting for Pharmacy Cashier. My skills and experience as a cashier make me an excellent individual to hire at Walgreens. Details of my expertise in this regard have been provided in the enclosed resume.

Over 6 years of experience working in busy pharmacies have provided me with great insight into not just cashiering work but the work of an order filler as well. On many occasions, I have helped order fillers by following prescriptions to dispense medication to customers.

With my comprehension of handling complex pharmacy POS systems, and ensuring that no discrepancies are evident in cash drawers, you will be hiring an individual who has “perfection” written all over him. Owing to my great ability to oversee medicine inventory systems, and perform a wide variety of stocking activities, I am confident that I will be considered a great hire at your pharmacy.

I am confident that once you have met with me in person, you too will agree that I am the best person to fill the position of pharmacy cashier at Walgreens. To further highlight this fact, I will contact you soon to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Henry Anderson

(000) 787-9656