Personal Caregiver Resume Sample and Template

Updated: August 18, 2020

Think of your personal caregiver resume as a window into what your actual capabilities are. If you can articulate them correctly, there is very little chance that you won’t be called in for an interview. 

Use the following personal caregiver resume format to help you along:

Sample Resume for Personal Caregiver

Austin Picard
947 Ede Road North, Salem, MA10383
(000) 965-5247


Compassionate and responsible personal caregiver, with 11+ years of extensive experience working in a different caregiving capacity. Demonstrated ability to comprehend clients’ specific conditions, and provide them with constant attention and assistance.

Grooming Assistance | Emergency Management
Medication Reminders| Housekeeping
Meal Preparation | Infection Control
Client Monitoring | Self-care Encouragement
Companionship | Errand-running
Dementia Care | Life Skills Assisting

• Assisted in the rehabilitation of five clients, all victims of accidents, by providing them with exceptional personal care.
• Implemented an infection control system, which proved to be highly workable for the facility.
• Singlehanded provided care to a patient with dementia, for three years in a row.


Personal Caregiver
Right At Home, Salem, WA                     
• Engage clients in conversation, to determine their personalities, and likes and dislikes
• Look through personal and medical care plans for each client, and ensure that they are appropriately followed
• Administer medication, or provide reminders for medication, ensuring that clients take their medicines on time
• Prepare meals according to the specific likes of each client while ensuring that nutritional value is kept a priority
• Intervene in emergencies, and provide First Aid and CPR when required
• Monitor clients, and communicate any changes in condition to doctors, charge nurses, or family members

Sava Senior Care, Salem, WA               
• Provided companionship to residents
• Accompanied residents to appointments, and social activities
• Cleaned that work area and surroundings 
• Assisted residents in partaking their meals 
• Cleaned and sanitized rooms, and activity areas

In-Home Caregiver
Private Capacity, Salem, WA               
• Tended to the needs of clients following care plans.
• Communicated pertinent information regarding clients’ conditions to charge nurses.
• Assisted clients with personal care, such as toileting, bathing, and grooming.
• Offered physical and emotional support.

High School Diploma
Salem High School, Salem, WA

First Aid and CPR

Current Driver’s License

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