Elderly Care Resume Example

Updated on: October 8, 2021
How to Write a Perfect Resume for Elderly Care Jobs?

Today, career specialists focus on making an accomplishments-based resume. On the other hand, just mentioning your achievements using a bullet list is not enough.

That is to say; you will also need to write your relevant skills and competencies, which will help you make a positive difference in the lives of the elderly.

Another crucial element of an elderly caregiver’s resume is your profile or summary statement. You can use an elderly care objective statement if you have less or no experience in hand.

Remember, this is the first thing the employer read about you. Make it relevant. The reader must be attracted here; otherwise, they will not be interested enough to read through the document you have so painstakingly prepared.

Here is a good example:

Elderly Care Resume Sample

Rosa Jocelyn
512 Sea View, Orlando, FL 89504
(000) 087-8521


13-Plus-Year Experience

• Compassionate, dependable caregiver with exceptional expertise in hygiene support, meal preparation, and providing pleasant company to older adults.
• Experienced in stabilization and assistance in walking.
• Skilled in carrying out housekeeping chores.
• Committed to respecting clients’ privacy and confidentiality.
• Able to prepare special meals based on dietary requirements.
• Well versed in monitoring the elderly’s health and informing the doctor and family in case of an issue.


Elderly Caregiver
Comfort Place, Orlando, FL
2018 – Present
Key Achievements
• Initiated two innovative social activities for the elderly including bingo game meetings and theatre time which were highly commended and thoroughly enjoyed by the residents.
• Successfully handled and built rapport with a chronic depressive old resident who had lost her husband recently and ultimately refused to eat and take medicine.
• Planned and implemented renovation of a whole floor of the facility, making the environment much more pleasant and lively for the residents.
Key Responsibilities
• Assist the assigned residents in daily life activities including feeding and hygiene management.
• Accompany the elderly and take them for walks and outdoor dining.
• Prepare and serve meals based on dietary requirements.
• Administer advised medications as per the physician’s chart.

Home Instead, Orlando, FL
2009 – 2018
Key Responsibilities
• Carried out prescribed housekeeping tasks including cleaning, mopping, dusting, and taking out the trash regularly.
• Provided light maintenance services at the facility.
• Changed the linens and carried out the laundry as required.
• Assisted the elderly and children in performing their work.

CITY SCHOOL, Orlando, FL – 2006

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