APRN Resume Sample

Updated on: August 5, 2016

When you apply for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) job and send your resume, you must realize that hundreds, sometimes thousands of people are applying for the same job. Then think about the poor hiring manager. How is he or she supposed to find time from a busy schedule to read all those resumes? The answer is, he can’t. So he won’t.

He’ll just skim over them, to see which ones are worth reading. And he’ll choose the clear ones, the ones that very clearly tell him that this candidate is the right one for the job.

These very clear resumes will be the ones with the right keywords. The keywords that the hiring manager carefully chose to write in the advertisement, because they will make him feel that this is the candidate best suited to the job.


APRN Resume Sample


Jenna Galiulin, RN

2877 Boscobel Street ● Nashville, TN32206 ● (000) 125-6325 ● jenna.galiulin @ email . com

 Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Performance Summary: Extremely empathetic and highly motivated RN with 17-plus-year strong background in providing medical evaluations and medication treatment to a diverse patient population. Proficient in formulating and endorsing specialized patient care plans, combined with coordinating care for patients with different needs. Demonstrated ability to empathize with patients’ suffering. Proactive time management skills combined with organizational abilities and capability to handle crises. Recognized for providing primary care to patients in a relaxed and nurturing environment that facilitates recovery.


• Advanced care planning • Discharge planning
• Service plans • Patient evaluation
• Phlebotomy • Procedure performance
• Primary care • Staff training


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Morton Medical Center, Nashville, TN | 11/2012 – Present

• Successfully supervise design of a new, more efficient software that improved keeping of patient records and reduced information pulling time by 23%
• Introduce a more empathetic nursing program that helped patients with accepting their medical problems and hence dealing with them
• Evaluate patients to determine which wards they must be assigned to, then make arrangements to send them there
• Make staff members aware of patient care orders, to guarantee best treatment possible
• Arrange meetings between patients, their families and relevant medical staff to provide information regarding patients’ medical problems
• Work together with relevant social service workers to make treatment plans
• Coordinate between doctors, nursing practitioners and other medical staff to provide best possible medical care to individual patients

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Morton Medical Center, Nashville, TN | 8/2004 – 11/2012

• Effectively improved nurse rotation which increased efficiency by 15%
• Personally counseled a terminal cancer patient to deal with the illness and find peace
• Synchronized the work of nursing staff and medical assistants to provide task supervision for efficient and effective daily care to patients
• Organized staff training both to enhance the work of present staff and to familiarize new nursing staff to the medical center
• Formulated discharge plans for patients leaving the medical center
• Coordinated with health services staff to guarantee the best possible care

Registered Nurse
Green Hospital, Nashville, TN | 2/1998 – 8/2004

• Assisted in evaluating patients on arrival to determine which wards they should be sent to
• Entered patient care orders into the online hospital programs
• Arranged meetings between doctors, patients and their families for information sharing
• Helped organize staff training for old and new nursing staff
• Worked with floor managers to formulate discharge plans for patients
• Provided primary care to patients suffering from various illnesses


Tennessee State Certified Nurse Practitioner

Master of Science in Nursing – 1996
University of Tennessee, Nashville