Coffee Shop Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: July 3, 2023

Coffee shop attendants work in cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops and are mainly responsible for preparing coffee, maintaining the premises clean, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Common job duties of a coffee shop attendant are greeting customers, making coffee and food, and helping customers with various activities.

A well-written resume sample in the field should mention your skills in customer service and coffee making, as well as physical stamina, problem-solving, attention to detail, and a pleasant demeanor.

Here is a sample resume for the coffee shop attendant position.

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Sample Resume for Coffee Shop Attendant Position

Brian Loft
Houston, TX 25350
(000) 652-9565
[email protected]


Customer service-oriented, proactive, and perceptive individual with 7+ years of experience working as a coffee shop attendant. A willing learner who has a solid ability to follow instructions and ability to edit sense of humor and friendliness.

• Functional knowledge of popular coffee blends and preparing blended coffee drinks.
• Strong know-how in brewing coffee in accordance with specifications provided by patrons.
• Expertise in handling food orders with precision and accuracy during peak hours.
• Able to effectively use and maintain specialized coffee-making equipment such as ceramic burrs and espresso tampers.

– Food and beverage – Customer services
– Communication – Station setup
– Equipment maintenance – POS operations
– Food preparation – Safety policies
– Inventory counting – Upselling
– Coffee recommendation – Prioritize

• Designed a separate menu for different coffee blends offered by the shop, increasing sales by $5000 per month.
• Created The Brazil Nut, a coffee blend for patrons looking for extreme frothiness in their coffees.
• Implemented an interactive POS system that increased efficiency by 60% owing to the incorporated self-billing module.
• Increased coffee sales by 50% by introducing 8 new coffee blends at slash prices.


Coffee Shop Attendant
Starbucks, Houston, TX   
6/2016 – Present
• Greet customers and inquire into their “poison of the day”
• Provide patrons with menus and inform them of the day’s special
• Assist customers in choosing coffee blends and food items by providing them with complementing information
• Take orders for coffee and food and provide a timeline for order delivery
• Relay food orders to the kitchen and brew coffee according to set restaurant recipes
• Incorporate any “extras” or “additional” to coffee blends according to customers’ instructions
• Serve food and coffee to customers and inquire if they would like anything else
• Refill coffee mugs when requested and take additional orders for food items
• Clean and maintain coffee-making/brewing equipment on a regular basis
• Ensure the cleanliness of the coffee counter and surrounding areas
• Handle billing activities by punching customers’ food and beverage orders into the POS
• Take payments for rendered services and tender change

Corner Coffee, Houston, TX     
1/2012 – 6/2016
• Took customers’ orders for food and beverages and provided them with information on “today’s special”
• Relayed orders to the kitchen and assisted café attendants in brewing coffee blends
• Made certain that counters and tables are cleaned properly
• Assisted waiters in serving food items and replenished beverages
• Set up condiments counter and ensured appropriate stock of supplies such as napkins and cutlery

Diploma: Danton High School, Houston, TX 

Food Handler Certification – Texas