Assistant Buyer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 26, 2016

Whether you will be chosen to work as an assistant buyer for an organization or not, depends on how well you perform at the interview.

Do not let all the effort that you have put into getting to this stage go to waste by thinking of the interview stage as a piece of cake. It isn’t a piece of cake – it is serious business.

How we can help is by providing you with a set of interview questions and answers so that you know what to expect in an interview for assistant buyer position.



Assistant Buyer Interview Questions and Answers

As an assistant buyer, what was on the list of your most important duties in a previous position?
I have worked extensively in this role by providing logistical and research support to buyers. My specific duties as an assistant buyer included assisting buyers in determining product mixes, researching target and new markets, analyzing trends and creating and maintaining fruitful liaison with vendors and suppliers.

How do you choose a vendor or a supplier?
My methods are simple and workable. I first determine what the company requirements are and then figure out which vendors or suppliers fall within the parameters set by the management. Once I have figured this out, I research to find out which vendors / suppliers fit the bill completely. Quality, cost and convenience are my basic criteria for choosing a vendor / supplier.

What constraints have you faced in the past while trying to obtain supplies from a vendor?
It is often difficult to convince a supplier or a vendor that you need a certain product in a certain quantity, within a particular timeline. Coordinating all three is where the constraint is most evident.

How do handle these constraints?
Since I have now identified that these constraints can actually place a shadow on my performance, I have devised a strategy. I order well in advance and since the supplier has and lot of time on his hands to prepare my order, he doesn’t usually complain. Of course, the earlier you order the more eligible you are for discounts!

What skills do you have that make you a perfect choice to work as an assistant buyer?
Perhaps the best skill that I possess is the gift of gab which is a necessity in this work. Additionally, I know the retail market like the back of my hand, having worked in it for over 5 years. Furthermore, I am a meticulous person who is also detail-oriented and does not give up even when the going gets tough.

How do you keep up with the heavy demands of this work?
If you enjoy your work, nothing can pull you down. I have an inherent love for working in the buying arena and my work motivates me endlessly. I usually take all demands in stride.