Assistant Buyer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 26, 2016

Position Overview

Assistant buyers provide support to buyers by assisting them in developing product assortments and planning and placing orders. They accompany buyers to trade shows and fairs and provide them with valuable input regarding markets and trends. The work of an assistant buyer is quite extensive as he or she needs to maintain and monitor purchase orders, shipping information, reorders and consolidations – sometimes all at the same time.

Since assistant buyers are constantly on the go, it is imperative for them to work well under pressure. The ability to demonstrate initiative and multitask is also a prerequisite of working as an assistant buyer. Typically, assistant buyers work across many platforms as they have a lot of coordinating to do. Maintaining a professional attitude and ensuring that all work is done on time is of the utmost importance in this role.

Job Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as an assistant buyer includes strong enthusiasm and interpersonal skills, along with the ability to build successful professional relationships. You will need to possess a bachelor’s degree in business if you want to work as an assistant buyer – previous experience in a similar capacity will go a long way in helping you become acquainted with the buying process.

If this is the role that you intend to take up, here is a list of duties that an assistant buyer performs, for you to look at:

Job Description for Assistant Buyer Resume

• Assist buyers in creating core product mixes that are customer-oriented and curated to achieve a set profit plan
• Provide regular feedback regarding new opportunities in the market and create correlating reports
• Create and maintain ad hoc statistical reports and help maintain buy sheets and record spreadsheets
• Handle sample management activities by obtaining samples from all vendors and ensuring safe returns
• Classify kept samples neatly and an in organized manner and ensure that photo handovers are properly organized
• Support buyers in product selections to set the company apart from its competitors
• Establish and maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers
• Assist in negotiating buying terms and conditions including prices, quantity, delivery time and payment terms
• Provide support in investigating future markets and predicting future sales
• Handle stock control and budgeting duties along with ensuring that all products are delivered on time
• Analyze customers’ buying patterns and manage plans for stock levels accordingly
• Source new suppliers for future products and ensure that the management is kept in loop with new vendor choices
• Liaise with shop personnel to ensure supply meets demand and train and mentor junior staff