Stockbroker Resume Sample

Updated on: July 2, 2021

When you write your resume for a stockbroker position, you have to present yourself as an “individual” who can safely and trustworthily help clients in managing their investments in the stock market.

Your resume should look like this:

Sample Resume for Stockbroker Position

Gerald Roberts
4569 Anglers Road
Nesbit, MS 38654
(000) 999-9999


Results-driven professional with a solid background in buying and selling securities through effective provision of advice and risk management services. Demonstrated expertise in determining market situations and trends and providing correlating buying and selling advice.

• Saved a client from total wipeout by advising him to completely bailout of a shady company’s stock just in time for its collapse in the stock market.
• Implemented a series of risk management procedures, which reduced client loss by 56%.
• Researched a particularly lucrative shares deal which brought both company and clients a benefit of 71% on their investments.
• Successfully trained 52 traders to handle clients’ accounts, all of whom are now operating independently within the company.


Stock Broker
May 2013 – Present
• Confer with clients to determine their investment needs and decipher if they have sufficient “surplus” money to be eligible for investing.
• Study market trends to determine which company’s shares are the most lucrative and provide clients with information on how to invest in them.
• Monitor both local and international stock markets to determine trends and provide correlating recommendations to clients.
• Manage clients’ investment portfolios and ensure that periodic reviews are performed.
• Assist clients in developing their investment strategies by explaining concepts such as carry-over trades and hedging.
• Create and implement risk management policies and procedures to ensure that clients’ investments are as risk-free as possible.
• Interview, hire and train traders to handle clients’ accounts and ensure that they are constantly made aware of market conditions and risks.
• Develop and make pitches to new individual and corporate clients in a bid to inject “corporate blood” into the systems.

Stockbroker Internship
Jan 2011 – May 2013
• Assisted in determining financial solutions for new clients intending to invest in the stock market.
• Performed research and analysis on current viable stocks and provided information to clients on whether they should invest or look for other opportunities.
• Provided clients with information on stock market trends and fruitful stocks to invest in.
• Handled clients’ hedging and carry-over trading needs by providing them with information on ways of investing through these avenues.
• Indulged in buying and selling activities on behalf of clients by following designated buy/sell protocols.
• Provided confirmation to clients regarding executed orders and assisted in creating and distributing execution. reports

Master of Business Administration

• Market Research
• Performance Monitoring
• Investment Monitoring
• New Share Issues
• Holdings Evaluation
• Risk Management
• Carry-over Trading
• Client Recommendation
• Trader Training
• Trade Execution
• Customer Service
• Disclosure and Advisement