Stock Broker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 15, 2018

Position Overview

Stock brokers work in the financial sector to serve as advisors for individual clients and organizations by providing assistance in buying and selling stocks.

They usually have a degree in finance and a strong focus on popular investments.

They work closely with clients to identify best stocks to trade in along with potential risks that a client may face. Additionally, they design strategies customize to each client’s buying power in order to assist them in achieving their investment goals. They possess the latest information about stocks, shares, and bonds and work with this information to plan out workable and low-risk investment plans for their clients.

Stockbrokers make money from the money of their clients which is why it is very important for them to provide their clients with workable information regarding the stocks that they invest in. They are not only required to keep in touch with the financial news but political and economical news as well which directly affects the stocks and shares business.

Portfolio management is another very important part of a stock broker’s work. A stockbroker works with a client’s portfolio and suggests which stocks to add to it and which need to be sold right away. They also assist clients with financial aid in the event of a stock being stuck for a long period of time. Stock brokers possess acute knowledge of both aggressive stocks and defensive stocks and need to have the ability to decipher which should be suggested for what type of client.

Job Description for Stock Broker Resume

• Contacted clients to explain current scenario of the stock exchange
• Buy and sold shares, stocks, and bonds
• Obtained and interpreted information from client portfolios
• Created strategies to meet clients’ financial goals and requirements
• Monitored stock markets and the performance of individual shares
• Communicated stock information to clients
• Maintained standards of quality service and integrity