Financial Advisor Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 27, 2019

Position Overview

Hiring the services of an experienced financial advisor may be all that you need to be financially secure in your old age.

Financial advisors work in many organizations such as the stock market, banks, pension, and investment organizations and mortgage companies.


They maintain knowledge of popular investment opportunities and provide their clients with information on how they can invest safely and productively.

In many companies (regardless of the type), they are required to seek out their own clients through marketing activities.

However, some companies need these professionals to take incoming calls for information and build clientele accordingly.

In either case, a financial advisor is required to set up meetings with clients, conduct reviews of financial health, and provide them with information on investment opportunities.


Eligibility Criteria

To work as a financial advisor, you need to be an expert in providing financial advice – a degree in finance will help greatly in helping you secure a position.

You must also be able to convince clients that putting their money in a certain investment scheme is going to be beneficial – let’s face it; getting people to invest money is the hardest thing in the world and it is up to a financial advisor to convince them.


Job Description for Financial Advisor Resume

• Contact prospective clients through various means such as emails and telephone calls

• Provide them with information on the company’s investment opportunities

• Answer questions put forward by clients about investment avenues and returns

• Cater to walk-in customers and those who call in for information

• Provide existing clients with information on their portfolios and new investment opportunities

• Set up meetings with clients and make preparations to provide them investment information through presentations

• Assess each client’s financial situation in great detail and gauge living expenditures

• Ask clients questions regarding their financial goals and provide them with information on possible financial investment avenues

• Create investment plans for clients based on their financial goals and make alterations to plans to cater to varying needs

• Provide clients with information on signing up for investment plans and the amount of money they need to invest

• Instruct clients on financial instruments required to seal the deal

• Provide clients with regular feedback on their investments, including profit information

• Create and maintain liaison with other investment solutions providers such as estate agents, banks and stock exchange members

• Maintain clients files and log their profits on a per term basis

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