Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Sample

Updated on: August 18, 2018


Business intelligence analysts work with huge conglomerates, and their prime job is to identify and manage new business opportunities by employing a variety of tools.

When writing your resume for Business Intelligence Analyst position, draw attention towards your relevant skills and relevant experience. The following resume shows us how someone seeking this position will write a resume.

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Business Intelligence Analyst Resume Example


Julian Orwell
54 Sierra Street, Corpus Christi, TX 77772
(000) 999-9010


• Over a decade of experience working as a Business Intelligence Analyst
• Functional knowledge of assessing general industry trends and applying strategies to improve businesses
• Competent in leading projects and monitoring “white space” issues
• Hands on experience in identifying and recommending new business opportunities

• Achieved 100% targets by identifying and implement a new concept in retail – Mark Retail
• Wrote a booklet on producing intelligent business reports for new employees


Acme Inc. – Corpus Christi, TX             2011-present
Business Intelligence Analyst
• Manage and disseminate information regarding tools and strategies for business enhancements
• Identify and monitor current and potential customers
• Identify and analyze industry trends and apply business strategies to manage implications

ABC Company – Corpus Christi, TX             2008-2011
Business Intelligence Analyst
• Assisted in minimizing blind spots
• Produced reports compiled from both internal and external sources
• Responded to ad-hoc requests on strategic issues

Texas State University – Houston, TX – 1999
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
GPA: 3.52

• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Strong leadership and organizational skills
• Ability to work with minimal supervision
• Excellent ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
• Strong knowledge of MS Office
• Expert in business analysis techniques