Business Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 26, 2018

Job Overview

Business intelligence (BI) professionals are responsible for creating and implementing business intelligence databases and applications. They work with tables and tuning software and are required to diagnose and repair user performance issues.

BI personnel need to possess strong coding and troubleshooting skills along with excellent debugging skills as this is the core of their work. They need to be able to translate technical jargon in a way that users understand them and can work with what is presented to them.

Since business intelligence is a growing profession, not many professionals are experienced enough to be able to provide prudent data on it. When interviewing a candidate for a business intelligence position, an employer may stumble for questions to ask. Let us have a look at some business intelligence interview questions that an employer can use when interviewing a prospective BI applicant:


Business Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers

How would you explain the concept of business intelligence? What is its importance?
Business intelligence is a concept that covers the development of warehousing and business intelligence applications and databases that assist in diagnosing and repairing user issues as well as performance ones. This is an essential set of procedures as it engenders quality end-user products and helps company representatives in understanding core issues and resolving them.

What are the core BI tools that professionals work with? Which ones have you used?
SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS are the most critical reporting systems that BI professionals work with. On a detailed level, I have worked with data mining, master data management, data profiling and data cleansing and analysis.

Explain the purpose of Cubes.
Cubes are pivotal in storing large amounts of data (usually track records and history). They provide high security and accuracy as they can trace history to any particular time in history.

How would you explain the purpose of reporting?
The basic idea of reporting is to create and view reports. They allow setting up of subscriptions and provide usable formats for users.

What is a business intelligence dashboard?
Dashboards are real-time business intelligence interfaces. They allow a massive amount of data to be read in a single interface to analyze the success or failure of the business or project in question

What are the various objects in a business objects product suite?
These can be classified into web-based products and Windows-based. Web-based may include CMC, Infoview, Polestar and CCM. Windows-based include UNIV, Webrich, BVM and Zcelsius