Any business’s key need is business generation. Without someone dedicated to do this job, a business does not have many chances to survive let alone thrive. Millions of dollars are spent each year for training personnel for business development activities; this may include training for marketing personnel and communications as well.

While the marketing and communications department of a company has its own role in business development, professionals are hired specifically to handle this job. These professionals are called business development managers. You will find business development managers performing a multitude of tasks. They liaison with the marketing and sales departments within the company and decipher the need for business development activities.

Different businesses have different business needs. A business development manager working for a bank will target financial institutes and individuals who are looking for safe investments and a place to keep their money. He will be expected to reach out to this target market and explain the pros of investment in the company that he is representing.

The job of a business development manager is usually quite physical. This means that while he will be expected to perform research activities at his office, most of his time must be spent in meetings and presentations. He will tap different people who may have the capacity to buy the product or service that his company is selling and provide them with information on how the whole deal works. A business development manager is a magician – he is required to portray a certain service or product in a manner that the audience cannot resist it.

It is unfortunate that business development managers face a lot of hurdles as they are often confused with door-to-door salesmen which they are not. Business development managers ensure that they do a lot of research on a potential client and set a meeting before venturing out to meet him for solicitation purposes.

Job Description for Business Development Manager Resume

Although, the specific job duties of Business Development Managers differ, but the following job description statements will give you a general idea how to writr the experience section of your resume.

• Lead business development activities
• Developed and implemented sales, marketing and customer care strategies
• Oversaw all aspects of proposal development, writing and production
• Identified new prospects
• Maintained and updated weekly sales activity reports
• Visited prospective clients to bring new business
• Identified needs and wants of potential clients
• Wrote and delivered innovative business proposals
• Answered client queries on a timely basis
• Attended trade-shows, discussions and seminars