BBA Resume Sample For Freshers

BBA Resume writing is a complicated task and a lot of time and effort must be given to it.

In order to get an interview, you should create a resume based on modern resume writing trends in the job industry. Employers like to see short and relevant resumes. The ideal length for a BBA resume is one page.


Short Bullet Phrases: The key to effective resume writing is brevity. Use short bullet phrases and stick to an objective layout. Use tables where necessary.

Quantity Matters: Employers are looking for quantified accounts of your academic achievements. Make sure you include solid information in your academic accomplishments section.

Need Matching: Keeping your focus employer centered, it is very important to match the employer’s needs. Assess their exact requirements and expectations of the role and then address them directly in your resume.

Following is a resume Sample of a newly graduated person who has recently done his BBA. See this template in order to get the idea of making your resume



New Graduate BBA Resume / CV Sample For Freshers



Anna K. Anderson

35 Victoria Street, Vaughan, ON S9D 3C9
(000) 965-3021, anna @

CAREER GOAL: To make positive contribution as part of a dynamic and well reputed organization. Bringing sound business acumen along with technical, management, decision making and communication skills.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON
Bachelor of Business Administration – 2017
Major: Finance
Minor: Banking
GPA: 3.41

• Citi Bank (Telemarketing)
• HSBC Bank (Financial Services)
• Sales Manger: Arete Trading Company (online job)
• E-marketing Ahenterprises Company (online job UK project)

• Capable of working in bilingual environment
• Ambitious, hard working, energetic and well disciplined
• Able to meet deadlines and handle responsibilities
• Positive thinking, self-motivated and flexible
• Soft spoken with good communication skills

• Analysis of Financial Statement ((Financial Analysis) of TOYOTA
• Performance of mutual funds (KASAB)
• Seasonality in funds performance
• Risk and Return Analysis
• Dividend policies

• Sound Knowledge of Ms-Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Good Typewriting speed (45w/pm)
• Well experienced in using internet
• Able to learn new software applications

Strong References available

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