Why Should We Hire You for Babysitting Role? Sample Answer

Updated on: May 3, 2022

Why should I hire you to babysit my child?

This is a question that is designed to make an individual insecure.

After all, what can you possibly say to convince a parent that you are almost as good as he or she is at taking care of their child?

It is difficult, no doubt.

However, this is a question that you will be asked when being interviewed for a babysitting position and this may be the only question that a parent wants you to answer correctly.

Everything depends on how you answer this – give something to the parent that will make him or her feel that you are the best babysitter in the world, one who will groom and nurture their child like no other, and you can be sure of obtaining the job immediately.

Provide as much detail of your suitability as you can but learn to take the cue when you have said enough.

Here is how you can effectively answer this question:

Why Should I Hire You for Babysitting? Best Answer (Sample)

My love for children was the first thing that made me take up babysitting as a career. My first ever job was looking after a neighbor’s 5-month-old son, and I have not looked back since then.

Over the 3 years that I have worked as a babysitter, I have learned a lot.

Initially, I looked after infants with needs limited to diaper changing, bottle feeding, and napping. Eventually, I was given a lot more responsibility such as providing support pertaining to physical, cognitive, social, and educational development to children of varied ages.

From infants to 10-year-olds, I completely understand their specific needs and can work around even the most difficult handling children. Additionally, I am familiar with pre-teen troubles that surface due to raging hormones and have been known to be especially tactful in handling them, without disturbing the child’s dignity or self-worthiness.

As a seasoned babysitter, I can handle emergencies ranging from choking to accidents related to children – I am responsible for saving the life of a 4-year-old in my custody, who nearly choked on a grape, by providing him with immediate assistance in dislodging the offending fruit. Furthermore, you will find me conscientious, patient, and extremely mild-tempered – I know exactly when to give leeway to my wards and when to pull strings to keep them safe and in check.

Owing to these attributes (and associated experiences), I am confident that hiring me to babysit your child will prove to be the right decision.