How to make Babysitting Sound Good on a Resume?

Updated on: December 22, 2022

Babysitting is usually the first job of any individual. As a teenager, the best way to make some cash is to offer babysitting services to relatives or neighbors.

It is a work of great responsibility and gives a great feeling of being an “adult” at the end of the day. However, most of us do not consider that providing babysitting information under the experience section on our resume may eventually become a problem.

How does one make babysitting sound good on a resume? After all, it is just a part-time job that we all do and really has no significance on a resume.

Relate Your Babysitting Experience

A babysitting job is very important. How?

Babysitting teaches about compassion, caregiving, communication, organization, management, and customer service. If you pursue a job in a similar (or nearly similar) capacity, you can customize the babysitting experience accordingly.

There are a number of tasks that you may have done in a babysitting role that you either do not remember now or did not attribute much significance to at that time. Look back.

What did you perform as a babysitter?

How can you put that on your resume?

You can relate your decision-making, communication, and customer service experience to this scenario.

Again, you need to look back and see what your duties were. Did you merely play tag with the children?

Well, you can leave this information out and move on to more important things that you did, like supervising children during playtime and handling their nutrition needs, communicating with parents, managing time, organization, and the like.

As a babysitter, you must have helped children with their homework. It is a mean feat assisting with homework so mention how you handled this part. If you have worked with autistic children, you must mention the lengths you went to, to help them integrate into society and lead a normal life.

Babysitting is something only the very responsible can do and if you have babysat for a few years, we take it that many sets of parents trusted you with their children.

In your resume, it is this trust, experience, and associated skills that you need to highlight so that your babysitting experience is not just read and forgotten about.

Use Alternate Job Titles

The term “babysitter” sounds casual so the first thing that you may need to do is to change the term. Writing “Child Caregiver” or “Parent’s Helper” as opposed to babysitter adds more credence to the job.

Where the mention of babysitting may not interest a prospective employer too much, child caregiver will surely pique their interest. So now that you have decided which head to use, it is time to move on to more important things – job duties.

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