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Updated May 11, 2020
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Are you a passionate babysitter who is looking for a challenging position to look after children? If yes, then you have to send a customized resume to each employer.
Take a look at the following examples and guidelines to get help in crafting an exceptional resume.

What is a babysitter resume?

A babysitter resume is ideally a one-page document that sums up a job seeker’s qualifications for the babysitting and child care job. In fact, it is a marketing tool that applicants use to communicate their passion and value to employers.

Resumes for a position of extreme responsibility such as that of a babysitter are often difficult to write. That is because convincing the prospective employers that you are the best babysitter to take care of their children is not easy.

Tip: You should research the requirements of the prospective employer through job advertisements and customize your resume accordingly. 

See their job description in detail to get ideas about the employer’s needs.

Babysitting Resume Format

Career Objective/Summary

It is an essential section of a babysitter resume. If written appropriately, it will develop the interest of the prospective employer to the rest of your resume.

Professional Skills/Core Competencies

Write your relevant babysitting skills and competencies in this section. This part will be helpful for the employer to ask questions during an interview. In addition, it will help ATS or automated programs to scrutinize your resume.

It is recommended to add only hard skills in this section such as knowledge of age-appropriate nutritional needs, and

Professional Experience and Accomplishments

Provide information about your relevant experiences and achievements in this part. Include relevant babysitting job duties such as:

  • Prepared nutritious food
  • Assisted children in changing clothes
  • Helped children with homework
  • Cleaned and organized the play area

There are many other duties that you can list depending on your job setting.

In addition, either write your accomplishments as a babysitter in this resume section, or you may create a separate section for achievements.


Write your educational background in this section.

Additional Capabilities (Optional)

There are several soft skills you can put in this section such as attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and the ability to handle the crisis.

Sample Resume for Babysitting Position

Julia Smith
233 Atlanta Street, Edmonton, AB S9R 6E9
(000) 101-5421

Child’s Safety First


Friendly and dependable Babysitter with 5+ years of extensive experience in nurturing and developing children of different ages. Special talent for preparing meals and formulas, serving meals, handling children’s overall activities, changing diapers and managing timetable. Effectively monitors the safety and well-being of children at all times. Thorough understanding of age-appropriate nutritional needs.

  • Bilingual: English/Spanish
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Clean medical and criminal background
  • Current driver’s license with an excellent driving record

– Behavior Management – Meal Preparation
– Bathing and Grooming – Diaper Changing
– Child Tutoring – Night Care
– House Safety – Curriculum Implementation
– Hazards Prevention – Hygiene Maintenance


Private Capacity, Edmonton, AB | 2013 – Present

  • Handle 5+ children ages between 3 months and 10 years
  • Bathe and dress infants and toddlers
  • Change diapers and provide toilet training
  • Prepare formulas and bottle-feed infants
  • Prepare nutritious meals for children in keeping with the employer’s instructions
  • Arrange activities, games and day trips to give amusement and exercise to kids
  • Take complete responsibility for children in the absence of parents
  • Perform light housekeeping tasks
Key Achievements
  • Singlehandedly created and implemented a series of routines for two babies.
  • Saved an infant’s life by recognizing early signs of choking and providing immediate first aid.
  • Successfully identified a hostile household environment and counseled parents accordingly.

Babysitter/Parents Helper
Star Babysitting Company, Calgary, AB | 2012 – 2013

  • Oversaw children’s homework and assignments
  • Assisted parents in child control and family management
  • Provided a fun and safe environment for children
  • Took care of pets and garden
  • Helped parents with meal preparation, laundry, washing dishes and running errands

Key Achievements

  • Wrote 3 articles on effective child care procedures, which were published by the famous magazine All in a Day’s Work.
  • Integrated a baby with an aggressive form of ADHD into a regular playgroup by providing intensive intervention during the class session.
  • Prepared nutritious meals for children, helping them meet their nutritional goals effectively.

High School Diploma
St. Louis Public School, Edmonton, AB | 2012


– Attention to Detail – Emergency Handling
– Communication – Punctual
– Computer: MS Office Applications, Spotify, Social Media

“I can create a friendly atmosphere for family and children and act as a role model for them.”

Strong professional references available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of a babysitting resume?

The popular belief is that babysitters need resumes to land jobs. Not true. The resume’s only purpose is to land you a babysitter interview.

2. What are the different formats of babysitter resumes?

The top three formats are:

1. Reverse Chronological: This traditional type of resume focuses on relevant experiences in reverse chronological order (most recent position first).

2. Functional/Skills-based: Focuses on skills and accomplishments, rather than relevant experiences.

3. Combination/Mixed/Hybrid: Featuring a mix of elements from both of the chronological and functional resume types.

3. Which resume format is best for me?

In the case of a babysitter, a combination or hybrid resume is the typical style most employers expect to see. But you can choose a reverse chronological format if you are very experienced. The functional format is useful for entry-level applicants or career changers.

4. Should I use an objective or summary statement?

Use an objective statement if you are an entry-level babysitter with no experience in hand, or you are changing your career path. A summary statement is suitable for experienced candidates with a verifiable track record.

5. Can I mention irrelevant experiences?

No. The only exception is if you can relate your job description to the babysitting job.

6. Do I need to send a cover letter with a babysitter resume?

Absolutely YES. You must send a babysitter cover letter with your resume. If applying by email, you may paste a cover letter in the body of the email.

7. I am an entry-level babysitter with no experience in hand. Can I use one of these babysitter resume samples?

If you are a fresh or entry-level babysitter, please refer to our entry-level babysitter resume page.

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