Parking Attendant Qualifications and Skills

Updated on: January 29, 2016

Have you ever considered what kind of a job you will be able to get if you are not skilled in any area? You will probably be left jobless for the rest of your life! But have no fear, because no one is completely unskilled. All of us have at least one or two skills that we can use to manage the work entrusted to us. The important thing to do is to figure out how skilled we are. And what is even more important is to make sure that we edict this information to an employer in the form of a resume or cover letter.

No matter which section you look at in a resume, you will see that your qualifications and skills are the driving force behind it. If you see the accomplishments section, you will see that your achievements are backed up by skills. And if you look at the experience section, you will discover that there is no way that you could have done anything if you weren’t skilled enough to do it! See how important being skilled is?

Employers need to know that they are hiring skilled people to work for them so they look for hidden messages in your resume and cover letter, to determine just how skilled you are and in what area. And this is how you can make your skills obvious:

Parking Attendant Qualifications and Skills

• Highly experienced in driving different types of automobiles, including cars, jeeps and transit vans
• Effectively able to maneuver vehicles in tight places while ensuring their safety
• Proven record of accurately calculating parking fees and providing customers with breakups of hourly charges
• Demonstrated ability to direct motorists to parking areas or in parking spaces by using hand signals and flashlights
• Adept at escorting customers to their vehicles to ensure their security and wellbeing, particularly in large parking areas
• Proficient in patrolling parking areas to determine suspicious activities and ensure the overall safety of parked vehicles
• Deep insight into providing tier one services by pleasantly greeting customers or guests and inquiring into their parking needs (valet or self-parking)
• Able to handle adverse situations such as discouraging vandalism on parked vehicles and ensuring that any suspicious activity in the vicinity is immediately investigated and reported
• Proven ability to drive and maneuver both auto and manual shift vehicles by following designated driving rules
• Physically and emotionally stable enough to work in extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, blizzards and heat