2 Nursing Attendant Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: August 18, 2022

A nursing attendant works at healthcare facilities. They provide patient transport services and assist in establishing and maintaining a clean and safe environment. Moreover, they help the healthcare staff in assuring proper patient positioning, delivering lab work, preparing blood products, and performing cleaning tasks.

In order to apply for a new job as a nursing attendant, you will need to write a resume, as well as a cover letter.

A cover letter for the nursing attendant position (or a letter of interest) is a single-page business-style letter that accompanies your resume you send to potential employers.

The purpose of a Nursing Attendant cover letter is to persuade the employer to read your enclosed resume; it serves as an opening, telling the reader who you are and why you are sending your job application.

A well-written Nursing Attendant cover letter highlights the particular features of your skills, capabilities, education, and experience that qualify you for the Nursing Attendant position.

Here are 2 sample nursing attendant cover letters to guide you on how to write your own.

Nursing Attendant Cover Letter Sample 1

Ayla John
19 5th Street
Manhattan, NY 65225
(000) 999-9995

August 18, 2022

Ms. Sasha Lee
Senior Administrator
Continuum Health Partners
241 New West Street #2
Manhattan, NY 65221

Dear Ms. Lee:

Owing to my passion to excel in the nursing profession, I am applying for the Nursing Attendant position at Continuum Health Partners. After reading your requirements in detail, I consider myself a suitable candidate for this position. Along with my skills and experience in different healthcare facilities, I have the potential to perform exceptionally well and maximize the care provision and comfort of the patients.

I offer the following qualifications, which will help me contribute significantly:

✓ Demonstrated ability to perform direct and indirect patient activities and associated patient care services essential in caring for the requirements and comforts of patients.
✓ Highly skilled in administering patients’ hygiene while ensuring their safety and ease.
✓ Track record of assisting professional staff during medical procedures, examinations, and treatments.
✓ Hands-on experience in maintaining cleanliness and organization of patient care unit.
✓ Substantial knowledge of replenishing patient supplies.

I’m excited about putting my skills to work for Continuum Health Partners. I look forward to discussing with you the contribution I can make to your organization as a Nursing Attendant. If you have any questions, you can reach me at (000) 999-9995. I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration. My resume is attached for your review, and I would be pleased to provide references upon request.


Ayla John
(000) 999-9995

Nursing Attendant Cover Letter Sample 2

Greta Garbo
854 Pine Street
Colorado Springs, CO 41254
(000) 517-9027

August 18, 2022

Mr. Jason Pitt
Human Resources Manager
Burke Rehabilitation and Research Center
99 Van Winkle Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 70232

Dear Mr. Pitt:

I am very excited to apply for the nursing attendant role at Burke Rehabilitation and Research Center. Through 12 years of experience working as a nursing attendant, I developed extensive skills that will help me contribute significantly as a member of your team.

As the attached resume indicates, I am very competent in providing compassionate patient focus and performing select care duties under the supervision of a registered nurse. I am known to improve the patient experience and maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Specifically, I am well-versed in:

  • Measuring and recording temperatures, pulses, respiration, and blood pressure.
  • Transporting patients between floors and departments, following established protocols.
  • Using stretchers or wheelchairs to ensure safe arrival.
  • Cleaning, restocking and preparing patient care and supply areas.
  • Maintaining equipment and supplies in preparation for various procedures performed by physicians, nurses, and other staff members.
  • Cleaning equipment after use and return it to the proper storage area.
  • Changing sheets and pillow cases.

Owing to my exceptional skills as a nursing attendant and a passion to outperform in a busy healthcare setting, I feel confident that I am the best applicant for this role. I am eager to discuss my qualifications and your needs in detail in a phone or in-person interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Greta Garbo
(000) 517-9027

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