A cover letter for nursing attendant position (or a letter of interest) is a single page, business-style letter that accompanies your resume you send to potential employers. The purpose of a Nursing Attendant cover letter is to persuade the employer to read your enclosed resume; it serves as an opening, telling the reader who you are and why you are sending your job application.

A well-written cover letter lets you highlight the particular features of your skills, capabilities, education and experience that qualify you for the Nursing Attendant position.

The following letter is designed by experts which is very suitable for nursing positions.


Nursing Attendant Cover Letter Sample


19 Example 5th Street
Manhattan, NY 65225
October 6, 2013

Ms. Sasha Lee
Senior Administrator
Continuum Health Partners
241 New West Street #2
Manhattan, NY 65221


Dear Ms. Lee:

Due to my passion for nursing profession, I am applying for the Nursing Attendant position at Continuum Health Partners per your advertisement on indeed.com. After reading your requirements in detail, I consider myself a suitable candidate for this position. Along with my skills and experience in different healthcare facilities, I have the potential to perform extremely well and to maximize the care and comfort of the patients.

According to the requirements stated in your job description, I have the following strengths which will be an asset to the Continuum Health Partners:

● Demonstrated ability to perform direct and indirect patient activities and associated patient care services essential in caring for the requirements and comforts of patients
● Highly skilled in administering patients’ hygiene while ensuring their safety and ease
● Track record of assisting professional staff during medical procedures, examinations, and treatments
● Hands on experience in maintaining cleanliness and organization of patient care unit
● Substantial knowledge of replenishing patient supplies

My resume is enclosed for your review and I would be pleased to provide references upon request.

I’m excited about putting my skills to work for Continuum Health Partners. I look forward to discussing with you the contribution I can make to your organization as a Nursing Attendant, and am available to interview at your convenience. If you have any questions, you can reach me at (999) 999-9995 or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you in advance for your consideration.



Ayla John

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