Animal Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: April 30, 2018

Animal attendants work in kennels and veterinary hospitals where they are required to look after and care for animals’ needs in terms of food, grooming, and exercise.

The essential qualification for this position is the love for animals.

Let us see how an individual looking for a position in this regard will write a resume.

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Sample Resume for Animal Attendant



Catherine Jones

88 S Green Street, Athens, AL 14121
(000) 999 9999, Email

Seeking a position as an Animal Attendant at Pet Care using expertise in animal care practices and a natural love for animals.

• Practical knowledge of basic and advanced animal care duties
• Highly skilled in providing grooming and husbandry services
• Well versed in advanced veterinary procedures
• Hands on experience in managing animals in terms of behavior issues

• Unsurpassed love for all living beings
• Ability to work with a variety of animals and birds
• Good physical dexterity
• Able to walk over ten miles a day
• Demonstrated ability to restrain animals when needed
• Excellent communication skills
• Track record of planning and carrying out animal dependant nutritional plans

• Achieved success in resuscitating a cat hit by a car by employing advanced medication and some surgical procedures
• Trained three dogs for a local animal talent show out of which one received first prize

January 2010 – Present
Pets and Vets, Athens, AL
Animal Attendant
• Greet owners and animals with affection coming into the facility
• Create and maintain rapport with pet owners
• Ensure cleanliness of work areas and animal cages
• Feed and bathe resident animals according to prescribed schedules and nutrition plans
• Walk domestic animals as required and provide other healthy exercise programs
• Perform periodic health checks as instructed
• Manage supplies and inventory as instructed

High School Diploma
Athens Public School, Athens, AL