9 Kennel Attendant Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: March 21, 2022

A resume is a great way of providing an employer with information on how great you will be once he has hired you.

While your education, qualifications, and skills help the employer decide how good you are, there is nothing better than accomplishments statements.

This is the information that they will need to process your application – a resume that lacks a list of job-related accomplishments is a failed one.

The accomplishments section on a kennel attendant resume is considered important for more than one reason. The resume may boast highly of the qualifications and skills that an applicant has, but these are not the only things on which decisions are based.

Accomplishments effectively tell an employer what you are capable of doing in the future. And this is the information that he or she will need to process your application to make it reach the interview stage.

Remember that an accomplished person is a sure-to-hire.

Employers want someone who has contributed effectively to an organization, to work for them so that he or she can do the same for his or her organization too.

It is all a matter of how you present yourself in a resume (especially the accomplishments section) that makes you an excellent contender to work for a position.

To see how you can highlight your accomplishments, have a look at the following examples of accomplishments statements:

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Sample Accomplishments for Kennel Attendant Resume

  1. Singlehandedly managed what could have become an epidemic within the kennel, by determining early signs of disease in a dog and isolating the canine just in time.
  2. Proved invaluable in an emergency situation, thereby saving the life of 3 dogs.
  3. Introduced the concept of “feline and canine grooming” on a salon level, bringing in more customers than before.
  4. Strengthened the kennel’s reputation in the area, by overseeing and ensuring that all processes and procedures were carried out according to quality standards.
  5. Increased the number of enrollments by 50% by contributing effectively to the kennel’s marketing efforts.
  6. Suggested use of labels on each animal dwelling, making it possible for things such as feeding and grooming activities to be managed properly between shifts.
  7. Successfully introduced and implemented a set of restraining activities that eliminated the risk of harm to animals.
  8. Introduced a sterilization system, which used standardized organic substances, eliminating the risk of contamination.
  9. Implemented both animal and staff member safety measures, approved by the board as being 85% more efficient than the ones already in place.

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