A Fast Food Attendant or Worker is accountable for performing a number of duties in a fast food setting or snack bar business. S/he is responsible for sanitizing the food or stock areas, completing customer transactions, helping in the kitchen area, and maintaining record and performing guest service responsibilities as directed by supervisor.

Following are a number of duties for Fast Food Resume. You may select the most appropriate for your resume. If you have worked in a fast food setting previously, you should change these statements to past tense.


Fast Food Resume Duties

• Greet patrons and take food order professionally and promptly

• Provide information regarding menu and specials

• Avail chance to “up-sell” additional products

• Operate cash register and take payment from patrons in cash or credit card

• Count cash and provide change to customers

• Transfer supplies and tools between storage and work areas physically or cart

• Help with different kitchen-related functions

• Receive record, move and lift food and beverage products and supplies

• Ensure correct food handling procedures are followed

• Clean and wash work station and equipment