Campground Attendant Job Description

Updated on: December 14, 2018

Position Overview

A campground attendant provides assistance in maintaining the appearance of campgrounds. He or she is expected to clean and maintain grounds.

In fact, their work is not just limited to cleaning and maintaining campgrounds.

As a campground attendant, one has to perform many duties such as checking in and checking out campers and responding to visitors’ queries.

Also, one has to perform daily inspections of the grounds in order to ensure that everything is well-placed.


Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a campground attendant.

However, previous experience in this regard will help you bag a future job. When working as a campground attendant, it is important to be vigilant, as this quality will help you keep track of issues.

Some of the main duties of a campground attendant include:

Campground Attendant Job Description

• Help campers check in and check out.
• Provide campers with rules and regulations information.
• Respond to questions asked by campers.
• Prepare lists of consumables goods such as water, energy drinks, and food items.
• Perform daily inspections of camp areas in order to ensure their safety.
• Handle camper registrations and intake information.
• Collect camping or docking fees.
• Maintain shower buildings within the camp ground.
• Ensure that floors, shower stalls, and urinals are properly cleaned as well as sanitized.
• Replenish items such as toilet paper and towels in grooming buildings.
• Clean and rake grounds in order to ensure a consistently good look of the camp ground.
• Clean and disinfect pools.
• Perform minor repairs to docks.
• Assist campers in pegging tents.
• Collect and secure parking fees.
• Perform maintenance and sanitization of public spots for example benches and dining areas.
• Inspect grounds in order to determine any hazardous situations or problems.
• Facilitate pedestrian access and crossing to and from parking areas.
• Post reservations according to set instructions.
• Pick up as well as dispose of trash from camping and surrounding areas.
• Mow, trim, and cut vegetation in and around campsites.
• Empty trash cans every day.
• Check campers on a daily basis to ensure their safety and wellbeing.
• Stock, clean, and fuel vehicles.
• Enter campers’ data into provided systems.
• Balance payments on a daily basis, and ensure any discrepancies are properly handled.
• Feed animals within campsites, such as birds.
• Tag picnic tables and shelters according to reservation tickets information.
• Perform a thorough cleaning of campsites, once campers have left.

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