Brand Ambassador Job Description Sample

Updated on: September 16, 2015

Position Overview

It is an established fact that a brand is a company’s most prized asset. But in order for a brand to become popular with the masses, it is important to project it to them properly. And this is where brand ambassadors come in. These individuals are especially hired by companies for one job specifically – and that is to create awareness of a product or brand and endorse it to both existing and potential clients.

Brand ambassadors may be hired as full time employees or part time ones, depending on how much work is involved. Many companies even hire celebrities to endorse their products but that goes on a completely different level!

The basic job of a brand ambassador is to create awareness of a product and attract traffic to its stores. This is done through a lot of glamorization of not just the product but the individuals who are endorsing it. Often, brand ambassadors are seen in company advertisements – Peyton Manning is the face of Papa John’s Pizza.

To be eligible for a brand ambassador job, you have to possess the following:

• An innovative approach to marketing
• Public speaking skills
• Leadership qualities
• Credibility in the market
• Relationship building abilities
• Team playing capabilities
• Technical savviness

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Brand Ambassador Job Description

• Comprehend features of each product to be endorsed by indulging in conversation with marketing team
• Represent company at trade shows, home shows and community events
• Endorse products through several avenues including advertisements and public appearances
• Provide existing and prospective customers with information on product features, prices and uses
• Interact with various media outlets, such as newspapers and television stations
• Assist in developing and implementing new marketing ideas and recording and maintaining clients’ preferences for future reference purposes
• Track and restock inventory and ensure that procurement officers are actively involved with suppliers and vendors for optimal supplies delivery
• Take customers’ feedback and relay it to the company management
• Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to handle product / brand endorsement duties
• Respond to customers’ feedback regarding the brand and handle any complaints by ensuring that disgruntled customers leave happy
• Increase vendor trail line sales by developing new clients through various marketing activities
• Generate marketing and endorsement ideas in a proactive manner and ensure that they are communicated to the management effectively
• Act as a bridge / liaison between sales departments and vendor representatives