Sample Skills for Gas Station Resume

Updated on: July 17, 2020

Highlighting the relevant skills on your resume is of great importance primarily if you work as a gas station attendant or clerk where you will be in constant contact with customers.

Working at a gas station means that you will be required to provide the highest possible level of customer services, which is why you need to be exceptionally skilled at your work.

You will not only be pumping gas and taking money for services rendered, but you will also be handling the many tasks that eventually lead up to the point where you will be dealing with customers.

To work as a gas station attendant, you have to be a good conversationalist. Engaging customers in conversation, while their car tanks are being filled, is a surefire way of getting close to them and ensuring return business.

You will also need to be savvy where accounting is concerned as you will be handling cash and credit card transactions many times a day.

Since you may be exposed to hazards posed by oil and gas at your workplace, you will need to be knowledgeable about safeguarding yourself and customers from potential harm.

All three types of skills – job-related, transferable, and adaptive – need to be taken into account when you write a resume for a gas station attendant’s position.

Here is a list of skills that every gas station attendant needs to possess to excel at his job.

Gas Station Skills for Resume

Job-Related Skills

• Well-versed in pumping gas and changing oils of different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorbikes.

• Able to operate gas pumps by following safety and operational instructions.

• Documented success in handling cash and credit card payments through POS and conventional cash registers.

• Proficient in determining the levels of motor oil, transmission, radiators, and batteries to ensure vehicle safety.

• Adept at washing cars using appropriate mixes of cleaning liquids and ensuring that no bodily harm is evident to the vehicle.

Transferable Skills

• Able to perform maintenance services on fuel pumps by greasing specified pump units and performing cleaning activities.

• Skilled at adjusting fuel dispensing levels to auto and manual upon customers’ requirements.

• Knowledge of applying economic, investigation, and balancing principals applicable in a gas station environment.

• Functional knowledge of ensuring a safe and secure gas station environment by following safety protocols and best practices.

• Able to convert cash register data into readable and informative accounting reports.

Adaptive Skills

• Employing suggestive selling skills to meet sales targets of the gas station convenience store.

• Meeting tight deadlines pertaining to vehicle maintenance activities especially during rush hours.

• Using training methods and materials to train and induct new personnel to work in a gas station environment.