Community Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: November 22, 2015

Do you that many people actually make lesson plans for their resume writing efforts? Well, they do. And that is actually quite an effective way of creating a resume. You write down exactly what it is that you have to put in a resume and in what order and when you are done, you review the plan to make sure it gels with the requirements of the job.

The lesson plan idea is based on three things: needs of the employer, candidate’s qualifications and writing skills. How you place information on a resume is almost as important as what you write in it. Once a resume lesson plan is followed, the end result should be something like this:


Community Associate Resume Sample


Carol Smith

21 Gillespie Street ● Philadelphia ● PA 19875 ● (000) 858-4145 ● carol.smith @ email . com


Performance Profile: Adaptable, conscientious, ambitious and communicative individual who has a 5 year record of serving as a peer educator and helper. Highly skilled in facilitating the personal and academic growth and development of residential students.

• Effectively worked with others in a collaborative manner, placing special focus on residents’ comfort
• Qualified to assist students regarding personal, social and academic concerns, by referring them to appropriate community resources
• Demonstrated expertise in mediating conflicts by employing both proactive and reactive skills
• Special talent for promoting and demonstrating respect for all students, irrespective of their race, religion and gender


• Counselling • Communication • Quick Response
• Community Improvement • Personal Support • Channels Maintenance
• Online Events • Campaign Design • Community Analytics
• Collaborative Services • Management Liaison • Research & Evaluation

• Implemented 8 residence-hall sponsored programs, all of which acquired 100 membership from residents
• Successfully mediated a particularly difficult situation between students, fighting over religious beliefs
• Introduces a series of interactive orientation activities that helped new students become acquainted with campus activities
• Involved residents in a project aimed at developing floor environments to provide a reasonable degree of quiet and order, which resulted in students effectively “following their own rules”

STONEHILL COLLEGE, Philadelphia, PA (11/2011 to Present)
Community Associate
• Determine the residential floors’ needs and develop and implement intellectual, cultural and social activities for resident students
• Work with students to create a welcoming environment for families and new students
• Assist students regarding their personal, social and academic concerns and needs
• Refer students to appropriate universities and community resources according to their future plans
• Initiate and maintain regular contact with residents with a view to developing positive relationships
• Promote and demonstrate respect for all residents, irrespective of age, race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation
• Encourage students to participate in campus activities and programs
• Act as a point of contact for information and arbitration services
• Conduct rounds to enforce policies and interact with residents to encourage civic involvement
• Handle new student orientation activities with a view to ensuring that they adjust well

PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia, PA (5/2008 to 11/2011)
Community Coordinator
• Served as a first point of contact for information regarding residence hall information and enrollment procedures
• Assisted community associates in implementing residential hall policies and regulations
• Documented student behavior and provided support during arbitrary meetings
• Ascertained that community resources are available to students who have applied for them
• Coordinate activities with custodial staff to ensure a consistently clean and sanitized resident floor

PIPS HIGH SCHOOL, Philadelphia, PA – 2007
High School Diploma