Residential Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: December 16, 2021

A resume for a residential assistant position is a snapshot of your most relevant skills, qualifications, and experiences.

The following resume example will assist you in writing a great resume for a residential assistant job.

Residential Assistant Resume Example

Cynthia Mann
228 Park Ave
New York, NY 10002
(000) 999-0987

Looking for a position as a Residential Assistant with the New York University where I can use my specific experience as a resident assistant for the growth of the university.

• 15-plus-years of experience as a residential assistant
• Highly skilled in maintaining a liaison between the residents and administration
• In-depth knowledge of the several and individual needs of residents and how best to look after them
• Hands-on experience in creating and implementing social and recreational activities for the residents


Residential Assistant
University of Tucson, New York, NY 
Dec 2015 – Present
• Provide a safe and healthy environment for the residents along with closely monitoring floor activity to ensure no abuse of any kind is imminent at all times.
• Assess and look after the individual needs of the residents.
• Help new residents transit smoothly into campus life by getting them involved with other residents and activities.
• Create and implement activities for new residents.
• Facilitate awareness and tolerance amongst residents.
• File and maintain reports for the Hall director on a regular basis.

Residential Assistant
Some Organization, New York, NY
Aug 2006 – Dec 2015
• Counseled residents in the events of drug abuse.
• Provided help with personal development and academic presentations.
• Advised students and peers on career, personal and educational concerns.
• Utilized strong interpersonal skills that are a necessary part of the job.
• Maintained the work and personal space of each resident without seeming to interfere.

High School Diploma
NY Public School, New York, NY

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