Community Associate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 22, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

Community associate cover letters exist for these main purposes:

• To demonstrate your enthusiasm in the job, based on the research that you have done about the role and the company.

• Explain the rationale for wanting to apply for the job and how the position fits well with your own career goals.

• Answer the clichéd question, “Why should we hire you?” by demonstrating how you meet the key requirements of the job and what sets you apart from other candidates who will be applying for the same role.

• Provide evidence of your written communication skills, such as the ability to be clear and articulate.

Some don’ts of cover letter writing for community associate resume:

• Never try to summarize your resume or provide too much detail in a cover letter. You need to be selective about the information you provide.

• Making unsubstantiated statements about your relevant skills is not a good idea.

• Sending the same cover letter to more than one employer is a complete no as it denotes lack of research and career focus.

• Don’t write generalized statements about why you want to work for the company.

• Never use jargon which is non-specific to the prospective employer or role that you are applying for.

• It is a bad idea to focus on what the employer can do for you. Selfishness will kill your chances

Based on these, let us have a look at a cover letter sample for a community associate position:


Community Associate Cover Letter Sample


586 North Street
Philadelphia, PA 50102

November 22, 2015

Mr. Steven Davis
Hiring Manager
Pennsylvania State University
321 Charles Street
Philadelphia, PA 54522


Dear Mr. Davis:

Being a people person is not enough to work as a successful community associate. Other talents such as contagious positive energy, endless patience and flawless attention to detail are equally important. As an individual who has successfully employed these skills in a student resident hall for 2 years, I believe that I am a great fit for a community associate position at Pennsylvania State University.

Let me briefly elaborate on some of the skills that I have obtained while working in a similar position at Philadelphia Business College:

• Unmatched ability to assist student residents with their personal, social and academic needs by employing exceptional counseling and support skills
• Innovative arbitrary skills, aimed at effectively and proactively handling student altercations and behavioral issues
• Hands-on experience in creating a floor atmosphere conducive to resident comfort and safety

Based on these talents and correlating dedicated efforts, I have been recognized for my determination several times. I would love to provide details of this for which I will be in touch with you to secure a meeting time soon. If you need any further information from me, please call me at (333) 333-3333.



Selena Johnson

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