Estimating Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 31, 2018


When you aim to ace an Estimating Manager interview, you should target practicing for it.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers to help you along:



Estimating Manager Interview Questions and Answers


What makes you an excellent estimation manager to hire at our company?
As an estimation manager, you will find me to be exceptionally accurate in the estimates that I provide. Since I am a highly analytic individual, I make sure that I analyze each project, service, and product to determine what cost they should be at, and how to achieve those costs. Excellent communication skills make it easy for me to perform outreach activities, where I can easily engage people in conversation to decipher departmental budgets and provide correlating advice.

What duties have you performed in the role of an estimating manager in the past?
In an estimating manager role, I have been busy engaging department heads in conversation to develop insights about the costs required for projects and products. Creating estimates for each project module, based on budgetary limitations is also one of the main work that I have performed in the past. Providing functional support for multiple projects, and providing managerial responsibility for departments, establishing and maintaining estimation department evaluation processes, recruitment and training of team members, project reviewing to develop winning strategies, and project cost reviews have also been part of my work in the role of an estimating manager.

What has been the most challenging estimation project that you have had to handle up till now?
I was once given quite an unrealistic goal, where I had to create a cost estimate within a budget that was much too low. I did manage to produce an assessment, but I had to ask the management to compromise on the type of supplies that they were using. It was challenging to create an estimate, and it was even more difficult to accept the use of low-quality materials.

Tell us of one strength that you have which you are proud of?
I do not want to brag, but I have multiple strengths that I am proud of. If you ask me to pick one, I would say I can handle adverse situations with high professionalism.

And your biggest weakness would be?
Sometimes I feel that I set unrealistic goals for myself, which can make work somewhat tricky. However, I am working on ensuring that my goals are not set unrealistically.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I am aiming to work in a finance director position five years from now.