Production Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: October 1, 2019

A production assistant resume and cover letter are the essential parts of job application process.

As a matter of fact, a resume contains your professional information to make a positive impact.


How to Write a Production Assistant Resume?
  1. Start your resume by mentioning your career highlights.
  2. Include your only skills that relate to a production assistant’s work.
  3. Do not mention anything irrelevant in the experience section.
  4. Add your education and certifications information.
  5. Include a Production Assistant Cover Letter along with your resume.

See the sample below to get better ideas.





Production Assistant Resume Sample


Sophia Turner
6495 Night Road, Norfolk, VA 88053
(000) 231-3432


• 6+ years of experience in assisting with all productions processes.
• Proficient in facilitating production efficiency by handling resource allocation tasks.
• Implemented processes to improve production scheduling efficiency by 50%.
• Introduced an equipment handling process, as a result, reduced damage costs by $3000.
• Trained 5 interns to work on production sites, leading their induction process.
• Consistently remained within budget for 3 years.


• Production Scheduling
• Order Reviewing
• Strategy Expediting
• Data Gathering Communications
• Vendor Relations
• Crew and Cast Management
• Equipment Handling
• Budget Handling


Production Assistant
NBC Universal, Norfolk, VA | 2015-present

• Provide daily support to filmmakers and crew members
• Communicate with team members in order to provide and gain information
• Organize meetings with vendors, and third parties
• Deliver schedules and scripts to crew members and cast
• Oversee cues and timings during the recording session
• Book studios and acquire sites and production equipment
• Distribute briefing notes and scripts
• Oversee budget handling tasks
• Ensure all production work is performed within budgetary limitations
• Clear copyrights issues with authorities
• Develop process improvements in order to reduce production issues
• Support writers and producers with searches, logs creation, and file tracking
• Review and check promotional spots for accuracy
• Create compilation reels and supervise basic edits such as audio mixes, and voice-over sessions

Production Intern
Native Productions, Norfolk, VA | 2013-2015

• Assisted creative managers with administrative tasks
• Acquired materials needed by writers and producers
• Assisted in the setup and breakdown of sets
• Created files and other requested materials
• Managed project requests such as clip reels and sponsor information

High School Diploma
St. Stephan’s High School, Norfolk, VA – 2004

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