Production Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 1, 2019

Production assistants should write their cover letters to help employers understand why they must be hired.

Skills, experience, and enthusiasm – that is what cover letters are all about.


How to Write a Winning Production Assistant Cover Letter?

In a cover letter for the production assistant position, concentrating on what the application has to offer is most important. Equally important is to perfectly highlight what you can contribute in terms of assisting with administrative work.

Also, emphasize your knowledge of working closely with operations teams in order to facilitate filming and production sessions.

Since production work has many elements in it, you must show that you are a jack of all trades – a master of at least some of them.

When writing your cover letter, you must focus on how much you can offer by checking sites, handling promotions, and managing crowds.


You may go through the following sample to obtain content for your production assistant cover letter:


Production Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Kyle Binder
(000) 904-2945
[email protected]

October 1, 2019

Mr. Jason Middleton
Human Resources Manager
NBC Universal
494 Junction Road
Virginia Beach, VA 19703


Dear Mr. Middleton:

Upon seeing the opening for a Production Assistant position at NBC Universal, I could not help but explore it further. I am presently working for Great Falls Productions, where my role requires consummate skills in providing day to day support to filmmakers and other key stakeholders.

The match between my skills and your needs is perfect. I am positive that I will be a great resource for you in assisting with the growing slate of animated films that you are presently working on. Supporting artists and other members of the team before, during, and after development phases is my expertise. Equally, I am proficient in communicating with key personnel, creating charts, and handling logs.

Precisely, my talents include:

• Organizing and updating video and audio files
• Overseeing the process of contracting production companies
• Handling invoicing and vendor payments
• Reviewing and checking promotional spots for accuracy

In addition to the above-mentioned information, I am well-equipped to supervise basic edits, audio mixes, and voice-over sessions.

It would be a pleasure to exchange notes about our views. I will call your office next week to set up an interview. Till then, I can be reached at (000) 904-2945 if you require any further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Hazel Billard

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