Photography Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 26, 2022

Photography Assistants form the backbone of the photography industry. They are responsible for the hard work and assisting lead photographers.

The most eye-catching resumes for photography assistants focus on providing excellent customer service.

It is essential to emphasize your knowledge of operating different cameras and equipment, as well as physical ability and relevant experience.

Volunteer or part-time experience is also important to mention.

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Here is a resume sample of a photography assistant for you to look at:

Photography Assistant Resume Example

Christopher Pyke
8320 Coburn Avenue, Worland, WY 92832
(000) 234-4353
christopher @ email . com

A creative and versatile individual with 8+ years of extensive experience in operating and maintaining photography equipment within a studio environment. Exceptional insight into operating digital processing tools and printers and classic film processing machinery.

• Skilled in handling pre-shoot preparations with excellent ability to scout out potential photography spots.
• Well versed in managing and processing images, keeping quality checks as a priority.
• Adept at aesthetically arranging still objects, backgrounds, scenes, and props for photoshoots.
• Familiar with a wide range of photographic equipment such as lenses, cameras, and lights.

• Image Processing
• Quality Control
• Background Administration
• Site Assessments
• Needs Anticipation
• Equipment Operation
• Image Manipulation
• Set Preparation
• Cataloging
• Equipment Setup
• Image-management Software

• Singlehandedly scouted and set up a Starwars themed background, complete with props and pinups for a photography session.
• Led 2 photography workshops consisting of 18 photography interns.
• Introduced a client management system coined Photograph ME, which streamlined client information and corresponding data (such as project images and instructions) in one central area.
• Introduced the DSLR technology into the photography studio, resulting in increased client interest.


Photography Assistant
Fresh Direct, Worland, WY
• Comprehend each photographic assignment and make notes on handling logistics
• Prepare sets according to specific instructions provided, arrange for props and backdrops and ensure that everything is set up properly and on time
• Check that all equipment is functioning properly and ensure that any malfunctions are taken care of immediately
• Set up lighting and accessories such as umbrellas and reflectors
• Take meter readings and provide photographers with information on when everything is ready for the shoot
• Keep studio sets clean and tidy and ensure that any repair to sets or replacements are done in a time-efficient manner
• Upload and transport films and prints to and from laboratories
• Digitally enhance images to make them appear better and ensure that originals are maintained
• Schedule appointments for photography sessions and provide clients with information on how these will be conducted
• Handle the bookkeeping needs of the studio such as processing payments and creating reports

Photography Apprentice
Time Photographers, Worland, WY
• Assisted in choosing and setting up sites according to specific photography project requirements
• Attended telephone calls for information and appointment scheduling
• Maintained studio setups and ensured that any additional props of equipment needed were procured
• Handled equipment and material inventory and coordinated with suppliers and vendors to procure them when they run low
• Operated and maintained photography equipment such as cameras and lenses

Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts
STATE UNIVERSITY, Worland, WY – 2013