Animal Foster Coordinator Job Description and Duties

Updated on: February 7, 2021
Animal Foster Coordinator Job Description

The animal foster coordinator may be a dream job for animal lovers and compassionate individuals.

Animal foster coordinators perform many duties that are particular to looking after animals and finding loving homes for them on a permanent basis.

While the position of an animal foster coordinator may be fulfilling on many levels it can be a source of extreme frustration as it is not easy finding good homes for animals.

Many animal foster coordinators work on a voluntary basis; some actually hold down well-paying jobs at this position.

Organizations that cater to the needs of homeless animals employ animal foster coordinators to further their cause.

People working at this position need to have one basic quality – inherent love for animals. The rest of the requirements can be fulfilled by some amount of training.

Animal foster coordinators work on many levels such as picking up homeless animals, looking for possible owners or finding foster homes for them.

Animal Foster Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate efforts of volunteers to locate homeless animals
  • Make a special effort to find owners for possible lost animals
  • Take hurt animals to veterinary hospitals and have them assessed for diseases
  • Restrain animals during screening and check-ups
  • Hire and train volunteers to work as animal foster care representatives
  • Look for possible foster homes for homeless animals until permanent arrangements can be made
  • Look up listings for people looking for pets and contact them to gauge their requirements
  • Interview prospective pet owners to determine their love for animals
  • Provide constant support to foster families in terms of education and physical support
  • Ensure that any homeless animals picked up have been vaccinated and treated for diseases that they may carry
  • Take and post pictures of animals up for adoption on social media websites
  • Ensure that a file is maintained on each animal presently in foster care
  • Pose as a foster family for animals who are not yet been instated in a foster or permanent home
  • Provide foster families with information on correct feeding times, quantities and food types of different types of animals
  • Enroll homeless animals in shelters and keep a check on them on a regular basis
  • Make sure that all supplies needed to look after animals are available at all times such as rugs, food, medication and clippers
  • Counsel foster program drop-outs in order to retain them
  • Advertise for enrollment of foster families
  • Follow up with foster families to ensure that the animal is being provided with needed care
  • Maintain and update records of foster families and animals on a regular basis

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