Floral Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: July 12, 2018

Every retail store needs to hire someone to handle the many tasks associated with selling items/products. A floral assistant is hired by florists, who require them to assist in managing a wide variety of tasks, including setting up and breaking down of the shop, keeping shop displays clean and maintained, taking and recording orders, and making flower arrangements.

Employers in search of a floral assistant usually look for candidates with an aesthetic sense, flexible approach, and a friendly, and positive attitude. So as you start searching for a new job as a floral assistant, you’ll need to find a way to show off these specific traits in your resume.

The floral assistant resume needs to be written appealingly, allowing hiring managers to delve deeply into what your capabilities, and experience is.

Start your resume by drafting a summary of your qualifications, and then write a series of relevant subheadings that highlight your education, past experiences, and particular competencies that employers found valuable.

Use this floral assistant resume example as your guide.


Floral Assistant Resume Sample



Jesse Tanner
650 Daily Tree Road, Concord, NH27738
(000) 999-9999


Creative and competent floral assistant with 7+ years’ successful track record. Demonstrated expertise in assisting florists in creating, and selling aesthetically designed and arrange bouquets. Exceptionally talented in creating aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements for walk-in customers, and for events.

• Increased the customer base by 65%, by indulging in well-placed marketing activities.
• Successfully created an aesthetically pleasing display, which earned six council awards.
• Streamlined the supplies delivery system, making it 55% more efficient than it was before.
• Retained a particularly irate customer, by providing her with exceptional services, post an error from another floral assistant.
• Created and maintained liaison with customers to determine their specific floral arrangement requirements.


• Bouquet Preparation • Event Handling • Aesthetics
• Payment Processing • Store Control • Customer Services
• Vendor Relations • Inventory Management • Complaint Handling
• Orders Checking • POS System • Display Management


Floral Assistant
Willow Florists, Concord, NH                      2013-present
• Welcome clients as they arrive at the store, and inquire into their floral requirements.
• Provide customers with information on available flowers and plants, and their prices.
• Suggest different ways in which floral arrangements can be made, based on customer’s requirements.
• Assist customers in making informed decisions regarding bouquet arrangements, and event decorations.
• Provide support to florists in creating bouquets or other arrangements, in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
• Design and lead a mass production of floral arrangements, efficiency, creativity, and timeliness.
• Handle the POS system, efficiently punching in sales, and processing card and cash payments.
• Arrange for deliveries to be made to recipients, ensuring that accuracy and timeliness are kept a priority.

Florist Aide
Bloome, Concord, NH                  2011-2013
• Arranged for flowers and plants to be made available at the beginning of each day.
• Sorted out flowers and plants according to their types, and placed them in pots.
• Watered flowers and plants according to their specific needs, and ensured that they kept healthy and blooming through the day.
• Assisted in arranging flowers for bouquets, by clubbing them together, and wrapping them properly.
• Cleaned and maintained the shop, ensuring that everything was kept neatly, and that trash was effectively disposed of.

Concord High School, Concord, NH
High School Diploma

Floral Assistant on Duty

Floral Assistant with Florist


One must possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent if one wants to work as a floral assistant. A course in flower arrangements may come in handy when working as a floral assistant.

To successfully work as a floral assistant, you have to possess the ability to prioritize and manage time efficiently and ensure that the shop is kept in pristine condition all day. Creating and maintaining lush and attractive displays of flowers and plants will be all in a day’s work for you.

An artistic eye, a crafty mind, and exceptional abilities in handling customers are prerequisites of this work. Furthermore, one has to be able to handle more than one task at a time – for instance; you might have to deal with customers, while you are creating a flower arrangement for another one.

Floral Assistant Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers and provide them with information on available flower arrangements, and others that can be created.
• Assist florists in picking out the right flowers, according to the choice and requirements of each customer.
• Arrange flowers in an artistic manner, aiming to make them appealing to customers.
• Trim flower stems, and clip leaves and twigs, upon instructions of the florist.
• Utilize comprehension of design to arrange flowers in an aesthetic manner for customers, and for display purposes.
• Water flowers and plants within the shop on a regular basis, to keep them fresh and saleable.
• Provide support in creating and maintaining effective liaison with flower vendors, to ensure timely deliveries.
• Ensure that the delivery of supplies such as ribbons, paper, plastic, and pots is made in a time-efficient and accurate manner.
• Engage customers in conversation to determine their requirements in terms of flower arrangements, bouquets, and single purchases.
• Assist in keeping the shop clean and sanitized throughout the course of the day or shift.
• Respond to questions and queries over the telephone, and in person, according to the provided instructions.