Chiropractic Assistant Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: August 10, 2020

Similar to a medical assistant, a chiropractic assistant provides support to a chiropractor by handling both administrative and clinical tasks of the facility.

The primary job of a chiropractic assistant is to make sure that the office runs smoothly and patients are handled properly.

Chiropractic Assistant Job Description

Chiropractic assistants register patients for procedures, provide them with information on what to expect during a procedure, and also handle appointments.

On the clinical side, chiropractic assistants prepare patients and examination rooms and also assist chiropractors with actual procedures.

To work as a chiropractic assistant, you do not necessarily need any formal education, but a high school diploma is required. However, some institutes offer specialized certificate programs that can help you become eligible for a chiropractic assistant’s position.

Since chiropractic assistants need to be jacks of many trades, it is crucial for them to be versatile.

Take a look at what these various duties are. You may use these phrases to build a compelling resume.

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Sample Job Duties for Chiropractic Assistant Resume


  1. Greet patients and take their medical histories
  2. Inquire from patients their purpose of visit and provide them with information regarding the facility’s services
  3. Handle and coordinate patients’ appointments and chiropractor’s schedules
  4. Take telephone calls and give the callers needed information
  5. Ensure that records are filed correctly and that each patient’s history is provided to the chiropractor before the consultation
  6. Take, record and verify insurance information
  7. Ensure that any paid services are appropriately handled by employing billing activities Contact various insurance companies to ensure timely payment of claims


  1. Provide patients with information on chiropractic procedures and take information regarding any chiropractic procedures that they may have gone through in the past and their effects
  2. Prepare patients for procedures by providing them with supplies
  3. Ensure that examination/procedure rooms are prepared properly
  4. Make sure that all equipment and supplies that the chiropractor needs during a procedure are available
  5. Take and record vitals before each process
  6. Make prescriptions on the chiropractor’s orders and make sure that they are filled in appropriately (especially in case of in-house pharmacy services)
  7. Assist the chiropractor during procedures by handing supplies, managing equipment and confirming readings
  8. Perform independent chiropractic procedures on the order of the chiropractor
  9. Examine patients and write a comprehensive report on condition and response
  10. Perform medical tests such as x-rays to determine the cause of complaints

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