Chiropractic Receptionist Job Description and Duties

Updated on: February 18, 2021
Chiropractic Receptionist Job Description

Just like most other medical receptionists, chiropractic receptionists provide both front desk support and medical assistance to chiropractors.

They greet patients, provide them with information on chiropractic practices, schedule appointments and take/record patients’ information. They also verify patients’ insurance information and determine charges for out-of-pocket procedures.

Chiropractic receptionists also work as chiropractic assistants in some facilities. They are specially trained in handling similar tasks such as setting up patients’ tables and providing them with limited adjustments.

You will find chiropractic receptionists obtaining patients’ histories, taking vitals, and preparing patients for a visit with the doctor. They are also required to provide patients with information on chiropractic procedures in a bid to educate them.

Employers prefer to hire people with a Masters’s degree in a related discipline along with a current BCLS certification.

To understand what this job entails in more detail, have a look at the following list of duties that a chiropractic receptionist is expected to perform:

Chiropractic Receptionist Duties & Responsibilities

  • Greet patients entering a chiropractic facility
  • Take patients’ medical history and information regarding their condition
  • Provide patients with education about different chiropractic procedures and equipment
  • Schedule appointments in person or on the telephone
  • Coordinate chiropractors’ schedules with patients’ appointments
  • Take and verify insurance information from patients
  • Determine charges for chiropractic procedures that patients’ insurance does not cover
  • Take and record patients’ vital signs for chiropractor’s use
  • Prepare accurate charts and enter notes into the system
  • Prepare procedure rooms in accordance with chiropractor’s instructions
  • Operate and perform maintenance on equipment
  • Collect, label, and deliver specimens in accordance with instructions provided
  • Collect and file lab results and hand out to patients when required
  • Complete insurance requirements for the patients’ benefit
  • Stock procedure rooms with supplies and ensure that all supplies are available at all times
  • Assist chiropractors with patients’ examination and evaluation
  • Take evaluation notes for reference purposes
  • Assist chiropractor in providing manual therapies
  • Ensure appropriate filing and record-keeping procedures
  • Ensure safe storage of equipment and supplies
  • Assist in orienting new employees to the office and provide them with necessary information regarding policies and procedures
  • Handle patient data entry procedures as per protocol
  • Maintain patients’ accounts and financial information in a professional manner
  • Manage front desk collection duties
  • Act as a liaison between chiropractor and patients by relaying information correctly

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