Residential Care Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 8, 2015

Getting stuck writing a cover letter for residential care worker position is something many of us have gone through at some point in our lives. Even the best applicants struggle to write the right words in a cover letter. It is a dilemma that none of us are exempt from. So it is no wonder that we end up with sweaty palms at the mere mention of a cover letter. Would you believe if we told you that there are some words that stick when you are stuck? Use of these words in a cover letter can kick start your thought process and you can continue to write content which you were dreading.

What are these words? Most of them are usually used with accomplishments but if you possibly can, try using them without mentioning accomplishments as well. Some of these are:

AdministeredCo-developedDealt effectivelyDecreased costsEstablished
FacilitatedRestructuredMarketedNegotiatedTurned around
Headed upProfitablyScoped outLedInvestigated

Read these power verbs again. Don’t they sound absolutely perfect to your role? Some of them will surely hit home. And if you look closely once again, you will see that you can use many of them in your cover letter. Even without the benefit of these power words, you can write a lot to make yourself come out as the winner – someone that will make a prospective employer feel “lucky”.

Refer below for a cover letter sample for a residential care worker resume.


Residential Care Worker Cover Letter Sample


Rita Wesley
654 Rose Street
West Chester, PA 81024
(000) 876-0987
rita@ email . com

July 7, 2015

Mr. Thomas Burton
Manager Human Resources
Youth Services
9102 High Street
West Chester, PA 88235


Dear Mr. Burton:

Living a charmed life myself has made me appreciate the quality of life of people who need help to maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing. And this has been the driving force behind my decision to pursue a career as a residential care worker. My successful background in providing personal care services demonstrates the skills you require to work at Youth Services, and I am confident that I can make an immediate contribution to your cause.

Please take a moment to look through some of my accomplishments in a similar role at West Chester Behavioral Health:

• Facilitated implementation of “Skills”, a personal skills development programs
• Co-developed a particularly complex care plan for young adults which resulted in successful integration of residents in and out of designated programs

My skills are best explained in person which is why I would like to meet with you soon. I will be in touch with your office next week regarding the prospect of an interview. Thank you for your consideration.



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Rita Wesley

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