Market Research Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Updated: May 7, 2022

A cover letter for the Market Research Analyst position is read by employers with more attention as compared to a resume.

This is an established fact because the purpose of a cover letter is to convince the employer to read your resume.

A very common mistake that people make is not paying enough attention to job cover letters thus losing great job opportunities.

Take a look at the following example in order to write a good cover letter for a market research analyst resume.

Market Research Analyst Cover Letter Example

Timothy Abel
52 Summit Avenue
Summit, NJ 77262
(012) 987-9969

May 7, 2022

Ms. Carissa James
Hiring Manager
Metropolitan Business Solutions
662 White Birch Ter
Summit, NJ 03636

Dear Ms. James:

Your job description for a Market Research Analyst matches quite closely with my career profile. Bearing this in mind, I am writing to you to express my interest in securing this position.

My strong background in the market analysis along with my relevant experience is an asset that will help me exceed your expectations. My abilities to conduct primary and secondary research based on strategic analysis of competition, local trends, emerging technology, standard and variable regulations, and new market entrants are honed effectively so that I am able to execute all research projects and activities successfully. Also, I possess the aptitude to develop analytic tools that can assist the research department in conveying market knowledge throughout the design processes in order to ensure that the new product is competitive.

Furthermore, I have been acclaimed for my detail orientation and the ability to perform all my tasks in a time-efficient manner and I believe that this quality is sufficient in order to provide your company with the value that it is looking for in a Market Research Analyst.

Please refer to my resume for further details regarding my skills, qualifications, and work experience. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss this position in detail. To schedule an appointment, I will call your secretary next week. In the meantime, you may reach me at (012) 987-9969.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Timothy Abel

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