Data Analyst Resume Example

Updated on December 24, 2017

You do want a hiring manager to delve deep into your talents to help him decide how good a candidate you will be, right?

Well, then you have to make sure that your Data Analyst resume is a snapshot of your abilities and qualifications.

Paying extra attention to how you present information in a resume is of great importance.

The fact that you are an individual who has the capacity to live up to the employer’s demands, needs to be clarified in a resume.

Here is a sample to show you how:



Data Analyst Resume Example



Doris Cameron

642 Whaleys Road | Delmar, DE 98021 | (000) 547-6521 | dorcam @ email . com


Performance Profile
Top-producing Data Analyst with wide array of experiences in interpreting and analyzing data using statistical techniques and systems. Systematic and methodical, known for a sound ability to optimize statistical efficiency of systems by developing and implementing data analytics.

Professional Skills
• Documented success in acquiring data from primary and secondary sources and determining its integrity at entry point.
• Hands-on experience in identifying, analyzing and interpreting trends and patterns in complex data sets.
• Skilled in filtering data by reviewing correlating reports, printouts and performance indicators.
• Effectively able to locate, define and build up on new process improvement opportunities to ensure smooth systems operations.

Areas of Expertise
Data Dictionary Maintenance ~ Data Manipulation ~ Improvement Areas Discovery ~ Pattern Identification ~ Reporting ~ Redundancy Management ~ Data Pruning ~ Results Interpreting ~ Relational Databases ~ Problems Triaging ~ Data Collection Instruments ~ Information Tracking Systems

Process Improvement: Implemented a data collection system, which increased efficiency in collecting valid information by 85%.

Redundancy Reduction: Reduced instances of obtaining redundant data by a staggering 90% by placing required quality control systems.

New Process Introduction: Made the company familiar with 4 information tracking systems, which reduced problems when one system failed to respond.

Funding Success: Successfully obtained 100% funding from the state, for a large data manipulation process.


Data Analyst
Groupon, Delmar, DE | 2011 – Present

• Delve deep into the company’s data analysis requirements and develop correlating collection instruments.
• Utilize developed instruments and methods for the evaluation and quality control of research and operational data.
• Collect and analyze data in preparation for statistical and analytical reports.
• Develop and implement databases to effectively optimize statistical efficiency and quality.
• Identify and analyze trends and patterns, specifically in complex data sets, and ensure that they are appropriately reported.
• Filter data by removing redundancies through KPIs and reports reviewing processes.
• Identify new process improvement opportunities and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to ensure improvements.
• Ascertain that integrity and confidentiality of data and data systems by ensuring that appropriate measures have been taken.

Junior Data Analyst
Time Inc, Delmar, DE | 2006 – 2011

• Identified and obtained data from different sources and ensured that its integrity is maintained.
• Reviewed data to determine its operational impact and required actions.
• Assisted in data cleansing and reporting activities, by elevating issues and areas for improvement.
• Extracted, loaded and reconciled large amounts of data across multiple platforms and sources.
• Wrote reports and created charts in support of business operations, while remaining within the set protocols for report creation.

Data Analysis Intern
ABC Company, Orlando, FL | 2005 – 2006

Delaware State University, Delmar, DE – 2005
Master’s Degree in Computer Science

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