QA Tester Interview Questions and Answers

Updated March 15, 2017

Interviews are designed in a way that they test your job-related and personal abilities. If you lack in either area, your candidature can be rejected. But if you pass the test, you can become a valuable employee. The trick is to make sure that your preparation is perfect. Concentrating on knowing your employer is step 1. Researching the company where you intend to work is smart thinking. Find out what the company’s mission and vision are, and then prepare answers to interview questions accordingly.

Interviews are hard times, even for people who have been through the process a hundred and one times. This is because each interview is different than the other, as all of them are conducted by different people, in separate circumstances. For a quality assurance tester position, here is a set of interview questions and answers that might come in handy when preparing:


QA Tester Interview Questions and Answers

What personal qualities do you possess which make you an excellent person to work as a quality assurance tester?
By nature, I am a meticulous individual, who leaves no stone unturned to do the job that is entrusted to him. Since working as a QA tester means that you have to be exceptionally analytic, hiring me means that you will be obtaining advantage from an individual who is highly analytic and resourceful, and gets the work done on time, and according to established standards.

As far as work-related skills are concerned, where do you stand?
With over 5 years of experience of working in a quality assurance environment, I have developed exceptional skills in creating, developing and executing test plans that are aimed at device functionality and compatibility. In addition to this, I am well-versed in assisting with the update and execution of regression, integration and system testing, along with possessing the ability to prioritize test cases that need to be executed on business deadlines.

What have been your specific duties in the role of a QA tester in the past?
As a QA tester, I have been involved in creating test cases to determine the functionality of assigned applications, prioritizing test cases as required, and reporting problems found during testing phases, providing recommendations to debug systems, assisting in determining release readiness status of assigned applications, and creating documentation for process improvement.

What is your take on working in a team environment?
Working as a quality assurance tester means that you have to work in a team environment. I am great at working with people from different walks of life. Teamwork does not only bring benefit in terms of proper work execution – it also provides great insight into how others work, and is a great learning process.

What is the one thing that you do not like about QA testing?
I would say that the one thing that gets one down in a QA testing environment is the limitations that technology places on us. One might have great ideas about debugging a problem, but system limitations often put a damper on them!

How important do you feel communication skills are while working as a QA tester?
I believe that communication skills are exceptionally important. This is because from determining and explaining system problems to users, to writing eloquent documentation, everything depends on how well one communicates.