Airline Pilot Resume Example

Updated: June 6, 2021

A regular resume for airline pilot position is never enough to impress a prospective employer. “Regular” they can find anywhere.

Standout resumes, that have much to offer in terms of information is what prospective employers look for.

Here is an example of a standout resume for you to take reference from:

Airline Pilot Resume Sample

Neil Thomas
4002 Low Road, Hanover, NH 45021
(000) 847-8564
Neil.thomas @ email . com


Performance Profile

  • Over 7 years of expertise in flying commercial aircraft.
  • Expert in timely and accurately obtaining all route, weather and passenger information before flight take off.
  • Takes responsibility for the overall safe and efficient operations of assigned aircraft, crew, and passengers.
  • First-hand experience in using provided data to create flight plans, detailing altitude of flights and routes to be taken.
  • Proficient in briefing cabin crews about safety precautions and maintaining regular contact with them throughout the course of the flight.
  • Able to create and maintain effective liaison with air traffic control personnel, before take-off, during the flight, and at landing time.

Professional Skills

✓ Route Mapping✓ Crew Development
✓ Noise Regulation✓ Navigation Data Interpretation
✓ Emergency Handling✓ Logbook Updates
✓ Safety Systems Assurance✓ Aircraft Systems Monitoring
✓ Pre-flight Checks✓ Instruments Control
Grounds Communication✓ Incident Report Writing


Airline Pilot
Atlas Air, Hanover, NH
10/2010 – Present
• Perform checks on the aircraft interior and exterior before considering it ready to fly
• Carry out pre-flight checks of aircraft systems, ensuring that all insurance certificates are in order
• Obtain information regarding route, weather, and passengers to calculate the amount of fuel required
• Create and maintain effective liaison with engineers, dispatchers, and controllers to ensure that flying metrics are taken into account
• Operate controls and instruments to perform aircraft flying duties according to specified protocols
• Ascertain the safety and wellbeing of aircraft crew and passengers at all times, by ensuring that all safety protocols are followed
• Maintain contact with grounds staff to obtain necessary information regarding landing status and limitations
• Write and submit flight reports, highlighting problems or issues with aircraft or flight paths
Selected Accomplishments
• Revamped pre-flight checks operations, making the process 55% smoother than before.
• Trained 17 individuals to work as pilots for commercial and private aircraft flying.

First Officer
Delta Airlines, Hanover, NH
2/2005 – 10/2010
• Assisted pilots in preparing for flights by checking that the aircraft was in order
• Notified pilots of any variations in standard flight operations, and conducted pre-flight inspections
• Maintained current navigation manuals and charts, and prepared weight balance charts for each flight
• Supervised fueling and baggage loading activities, and grounding of power units
• Communicated with cabin crew and air traffic control to obtain necessary information regarding passengers and grounds clearance

Master’s Degree in Aviation
New Hampshire State University, Hanover, NH – 2004