Airline Pilot Resume Example

Updated on July 30, 2017

A regular resume for airline pilot position is never enough to impress a prospective employer. “Regular” they can find anywhere.

Standout resumes, that have much to offer in terms of information is what prospective employers look for.


Here is an example of a standout resume for you to take reference from:




Airline Pilot Resume Sample



Neil Thomas

4002 Low Road, Hanover, NH 45021
(000) 847-8564
Neil.thomas @ email . com


Performance Profile
Over 7 years of expertise in flying commercial aircrafts. Expert in timely and accurately obtaining all route, weather and passenger information before flight take off.

Takes responsibility of the overall safe and efficient operations of assigned aircrafts, crew and passengers. First-hand experience in using provided data to create flight plans, detailing altitude of flights and routes to be taken.

Proficient in briefing cabin crews about safety precautions and maintaining regular contact with them throughout the course of the flight. Qualified to create and maintain effective liaison with air traffic control personnel, before take-off, during the flight, and at landing time.

Professional Skills

✓ Route Mapping✓ Crew Development
✓ Noise Regulation✓ Navigation Data Interpretation
✓ Emergency Handling✓ Logbook Updates
✓ Safety Systems Assurance✓ Aircraft Systems Monitoring
✓ Pre-flight Checks✓ Instruments Control
Grounds Communication✓ Incident Report Writing


Selected Accomplishments
• Saved the aircraft, 12 crew members and 241 passengers from imminent danger, by maneuvering the plane onto another course, to prevent collision.
• Revamped pre-flight checks operations, making the process 55% smoother than before.
• Introduced a novel route mapping system which was considered 65% more accurate than the one already in place.
• Trained 17 individuals to work as pilots for commercial and private aircraft flying.


Airline Pilot
Atlas Air, Hanover, NH | 10/2010 – Present
• Perform checks on the aircraft interior and exterior before considering it ready to fly
• Carry out pre-flight checks of aircraft systems, ensuring that all insurance certificates are in order
• Obtain information regarding route, weather and passengers to calculate the amount of fuel required
• Create and maintain effective liaison with engineers, dispatchers and controllers to ensure that flying metrics are taken into account
• Operate controls and instruments to perform aircraft flying duties according to specified protocols
• Ascertain the safety and wellbeing of aircraft crew and passengers at all times, by ensuring that all safety protocols are followed
• Maintain contact with grounds staff to obtain necessary information regarding landing status and limitations
• Write and submit flight reports, highlighting problems or issues with aircraft or flight paths

First Officer
Delta Airlines, Hanover, NH | 2/2005 – 10/2010
• Assisted pilots in preparing for flights by checking that the aircraft was in order
• Notified pilots of any variations in standard flight operations, and conducted pre-flight inspections
• Maintained current navigation manuals and charts, and prepared weight balance charts for each flight
• Supervised fueling and baggage loading activities, and grounding of power units
• Communicated with cabin crew and air traffic control to obtain necessary information regarding passengers and grounds clearance

New Hampshire State University, Hanover, NH – 2004
Master’s Degree in Aviation