School Bus Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: May 26, 2021

A resume for the school bus aide position is a 1-page document that provides hiring managers with information about the applicant’s background. They use this information to assess your potential for a successful job match.

How to Write an Excellent Resume for School Bus Aide Position?
  1. In a school bus aide resume, focus on the employer’s needs, not yours.
  2. Gather complete information about your background before you begin writing a resume.
  3. Make sure that you place particular emphasis on achievements, especially as they relate to the bus aide position.

The following is a professional resume sample for a school bus aide position:

Sample Resume for School Bus Aide Position

Jean Price
259 Bluff Road, Lancaster, WI 58954 
(000) 454-5241
jean.price @ email . com


Upbeat, confident bus aide who is known for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children being transported between destinations. Adept at following mandated child restraint procedures by ensuring that children are properly positioned and restrained during their journeys.

• Focused on providing a safe passage to children by making certain that they follow the rules of boarding and disembarking from the bus.
• Unmatched ability to assist children with special needs board buses, ensure their comfort, and keep them safe from bullying.
• Proven record of demonstrating a positive, caring, and supportive attitude to children, including engaging them in conversation when appropriate.
• Qualified to handle emergencies such as accidents and onboard medical crisis with tact and calm.


School Bus Aide
  (8/2018 – Present)
• Assist students in embarking and disembarking from the bus in a safe manner.
• Provide special care to students with special needs or limitations.
• Monitor students with special needs during the course of the journey.
• Report observations such as traffic violations in a bid to ensure that they do not happen again.
• Secure students’ bags properly and ensure that wheelchairs are tied down and ramps are folded.
• Check bus after all students have disembarked and collected and hand in any items left behind.
• Provide instructions to students regarding onboard safety and lead the emergency exit processes.
Key Achievements
• Saved 45 children from a potentially fatal accident by taking control of the bus when the driver had a stroke while driving.
• Created and implemented a series of activities to keep young children engaged and out of trouble until they reach their homes or schools.
• Performed First Aid on a student who had convulsions onboard the bus, thereby saving his life.
• Introduced and trained the driver in using the GPS which reduced time on the road by 60% on most routes.

Bus Attendant
   (1/2005 – 8/2008)
• Assisted fellow students in embarking and disembarking school buses.
• Created and maintained logs of all students who have used bus services in a day.
• Ensured that all students were properly restrained and assisted small children by belting them in.
• Provided emergency services such as First Aid in cases of accidents or medical crises.
• Assisted the driver in properly securing students’ school and bus bags.

High School Diploma
ST. JULIAN HIGH SCHOOL, Lancaster, WI – 2014

• Special Needs Assistance
• Route Mapping
• Bus Evacuation Plans
• Emergency Response
• Behavior Management
• Student Monitoring 
• Safe Embarking/Disembarking