Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship Resume Sample

February 25, 2018


There is only one real way to create a diesel mechanic apprenticeship resume that will work. And that is to make sure that you follow the following tips:

• Logically organize information on your resume so that the employer easily understands it.

• Keep all your descriptions very precise and concise so that the employer knows that you are a direct person

• Using simple and easy to read fonts as opposed to using fancy ones – use the former.

• Include as much work experience as possible – if you are applying for an apprenticeship position, volunteer experience or even shop class experience will do.

• Read your resume several times before you consider it complete.

The whole resume saga is challenging to keep up with. With so many people giving conflicting statements about diesel mechanic apprenticeship resume writing, it is best to follow what the head says.

Resumes should be complete in every sense, and that is only possible through high research efforts – both about resume writing and the job description of the position being applied for.

A diesel mechanic apprenticeship resume, for instance, will be considered an entry-level one, so it has to be dealt in that way. Here is one for your reference:


Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship Resume Example



Richard Brown

23 Forestdale Boulevard ● Birmingham, AL 32589 ● (000) 124-7485 ● richbrown @email .com


Hardworking and extremely driven individual who has a deep love for “all things mechanic”. Exceptional ability to determine engine condition by conducting inspections and diagnostic tests.

• Exceptional talent for replacing and repairing damaged and malfunctioning parts, thorough post inspection.
• Adept at interpreting test results using technology such as computers, dials, and gauges.
• Deep insight into using hydraulic machinery to lift large equipment such as vehicles, to make their engines accessible.
• Focused on ensuring quality work by performing test drives to determine any problems or anomalies.


• Preventative Maintenance • Failure Detection • Routine Inspections
• Repair Identification • Overhauling • Gas and Electric Welding
• Hydraulic Equipment Use • Internal Combustion Engines • Engine Rebuilding


PENN FOSTER COLLEGE, Scranton, PA – 2014
Diesel Mechanic Training

Coursework: Diesel Engine Fundamentals ~ Hydromechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Systems ~ Computerized Truck and Bus Systems Management ~ The Basics of Truck Electricity and Electronics ~  Charging, Lighting, and Instrumentation Systems ~ Steering, Brake and Suspension Systems ~ Wheel Alignment ~ Drive Shafts and Axles ~ Clutches and Standard Transmissions

High School Diploma


BIRMINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL, Birmingham, AL | Summer 2014
Mechanics Class Volunteer

• Assisted mechanics instructor in teaching engine rewiring and inspecting brake systems.
• Provided support to students regarding diagnosis and repair of problems pertaining to engines.
• Attached test instruments to equipment and interpreted information after reading dials and gauges.
• Instructed students in properly disassembling and overhauling internal combustion engines.
• Taught engine reconditioning and aligning theory, along with operational practices and adjustments.

Diesel Repair Shop Software: Fullbay
MS Office: Word and Excel

Exemplary references available on request

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