Recreation Aide Skills are skills you have obtained during previous work experience, education, hobbies, sports, workshops, classes, volunteering or any other experiences or activities in your life that are appropriate to Recreational employment opportunities. Transferable skills for a Recreation Aide are important when you are thinking to change careers, fired or graduating from college. If you are a first time or entry level job seeker or have been without a job for an extended length of time, these skills will be vital in your search for work.

Look at the following skills statements for a Recreation Aide Resume which will be very helpful while preparing your job application. You may select 5 to 6 phrases for the skills, qualifications, summary or strengths section of your resume.

Recreation Aide Skills

• Highly skilled in supervising the daily activities of participants
• Hands-on experience in providing safe and pleasurable activities for youth and adult recreation programs
• Track record of instructing and coaching sports activities
• Able to maintain sanitation of facilities
• Proven record of assisting with arts and crafts activities
• Demonstrated ability to help with health and education programs and environmental activities
• In-depth knowledge of preparing reports and keeping daily attendance rosters
• Proven ability to provide outstanding customer services through daily contact with patrons of all ages
• Thorough understanding of distribution of meals and food
• Comprehensive knowledge of attending and supervising participants on all local field trips and overnight trips
• Substantial knowledge of handling class registration
• Knowledge of maintaining recreational equipment in working condition
• Proficient in MS Office Suite
• Bilingual: English and Portuguese