Radiology Aide Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 23, 2023

The more effort that you put into writing your cover letter, the more chances you will get the radiology aide job. When you spend time and effort creating a cover letter, it shows results.

Writing a good cover letter requires two things – clarity and research. If you are clear about your motive for writing one, your cover letter automatically becomes a success. And if you have bothered to research the company where you intend to work, that too comes on top.

Many job seekers are left dumbfounded at the time of writing a cover letter. You too might feel this way, if your preparation is not in order. Make sure that you have all the information at hand before you sit down to write a cover letter.

Here is one written for the position of radiology aide:

Radiology Aide Cover Letter Example

May 23, 2023

Mr. Richard Jones
Human Resource Manager
Atrius Health
900 Gottschalk Avenue
Homewood, IL 60124

Dear Mr. Jones:

I am excited to apply for the radiology aide position at Atrius Health. A solid combination of patient liaison skills, and the ability to provide well-placed assistance during radiology procedures, makes me a great contender to work as a radiology aide at Atrius Health.

Through my experiences as a radiology aide, I developed skills in monitoring and assisting patients through diagnostic procedures. I am an expert in:

  • Performing a variety of routine activities to assist medical, technical, and clerical staff
  • Loading and unloading cassettes and cameras with films
  • Removing exposed films for automatic processing, developing X-ray films
  • Sorting and labeling processed films
  • Copying films upon requests

As a passionate individual who has had great exposure to working with and calibrating complex radiology equipment, I am positive that hiring me would automatically translate into peace of mind for the radiology department.

In hopes of providing you with a more profound view of my qualifications as a radiology aide, I would like to meet with you soon. Please feel free to call me if additional information is required regarding my candidature.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sarah White

(000) 333-9658