2 Dietary Aide Resume Samples [+Job Description & Skills]

Updated on: December 26, 2022

Dietary aides provide support to dieticians and nutritionists in order to provide clients with information on leading healthy lifestyles. They confer with clients to determine their eating habits and preferences and assist dieticians and nutritionists in charting out diet plans to meet clients’ needs.

Moreover, they help design nutrition programs according to the client’s individual needs based on their height, weight, and medical history.

If you are planning to apply for a dietary aide job, it is important to know about the current resume writing trends.

As recruiters spend only 10-15 seconds reading a resume, therefore your resume should be visually engaging.

How to Write a Good Resume for Dietary Aide Position?

In order to write a great resume, you should highlight your core competencies and accomplishments to grab the recruiter’s attention. Find out the prospective employer’s specific needs and draft a customized version of your resume accordingly.

Add the following list of duties to your resume in order to make it attractive.

  • Prepared food items
  • Assembled ready foods for patient trays
  • Served food in the rooms and cafeteria
  • Delivered food trays to patients’ units and dining area
  • Provided service in the dining room and dish room
  • Cleaned cafeteria tables, and resets counter area after meals
  • Washed pots and pans area
  • Adhered to the facility and departmental policies and procedures
  • Followed good hygiene, safety, and pollution control policies

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Take a look at the 2 examples below to get more ideas about the sections and content of a dietary aide resume.

Dietary Aide Resume Sample 1
Experience: 10+ Years

Harold Wilson
44 Unicorn Ave
Richmond, VA 45002
(004) 857-9854


Courteous and detail-oriented Dietary Aide with 11+ years of hands-on experience in providing food prep and service assistance to hospitals and healthcare institutes. Outgoing personality with excellent customer service and listening skills. In-depth knowledge of various nutritional supplements and tube feeding protocols.

– Hygiene Maintenance – Food Service
– Nutrient Calculation – Tube Feeding
– Tray Setting – Temperature Management
– Kitchen Assistance – Record Keeping
– Dish Washing – Recipe Development
– Food Storage – Communication


  • Attained 100% nutritional accuracy on orders by implementing vigilant and proactive nutritional calculation strategies
  • Streamlined the food supply operations to enhance the speed of service by 10 minutes per order on the average
  • Earned the ‘Most proficient dietary aide’ award in 2020


Dietary Aide
5/2018 – Present

  • Assist cook in meal tray preparation
  • Serve meals as per the given chart menu catering to the special needs of patients
  • Devise recipes that are delicious and compliant with the specific dietary requirements
  • Prepare liquid diets as per instructions and feed chronic patients through nasal or stomach tubes
  • Adhere to cleanliness and safety procedures
  • Prepare bar items neatly and set up the salad/dessert bar
  • Maintain dining room area in a fully-organized fashion

Kitchen Assistant 
7/2011 – 5/2018

  • Assisted in food preparation and serving tasks
  • Maintained the kitchen workstations in a hygienic and orderly manner
  • Set up and cleaned serving areas
  • Washed and sanitized all reusable utensils and dishes



  • Familiar with HACCP food handling guidelines
  • Good physical stamina; ability to stand and walk intermittently
  • Trilingual: English, French, and Spanish

Dietary Aide Resume Sample 2
Experience: 5+ Years

Mary Anderson
68 5th Ave, Raleigh, NC 63298
(000) 587-9574


Over 5 years of experience in preparing and serving food and beverages per recipe or facility procedure. Capable of performing a variety of food preparation tasks. Proficient in arranging trays and setting the table with appropriate tableware and condiments.


  • Track record of working quickly, correctly, and professionally
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Positive attitude and ability to multitask
  • A high degree of service orientation
  • Capable of standing for extended periods
  • Able to work beyond duty time including evenings and weekends


  • Reorganized food supply procedures, and improved efficiency by 30%.
  • Designed and implemented a new food-serving strategy that improved patient satisfaction.
  • [List your achievements here]


Dietary Aide
HILL HOSPITAL – Raleigh, NC       
May 2017 – Present

  • Prepare and serve nutritious meals and snacks to patients, staff, and visitors
  • Assist cooks and operate required tools to accomplish service
  • Clean work area, utensils, dishes, and pots and pans
  • Check the inventory of items and fill orders
  • Run and fill various food-service machines
  • Follow diagrams and lists to prepare patient trays to specifications
  • Pleasantly interact with clientele and handle customer complaints

Dietary Aide
Feb 2016 – May 2017

  • Took and delivered food orders
  • Plated and served food to patients
  • Ensured resident satisfaction
  • Provided fast, well-organized and pleasant delivery of food
  • Assisted in bussing and resetting tables
  • Performed cleanliness responsibilities in the kitchen and pantries

High School Diploma
AAA Public School, Houston, TX – 2016

“I always ensure that cleanliness and quality standards are met.”

Dietary Aide Job Description and Duties for Resume

Below is a list of duties that a dietary aide is expected to perform during a typical workday. These duties statements will help you in building a great resume.

  • Interview clients and determine their dietary needs in relation to medical histories
  • Confer with clients and find out their eating habits and preferences
  • Assist licensed dietitians in interviewing patients to determine their individual diet needs
  • Support dieticians in mapping a care plan according to each client’s history and needs
  • Take clients’ medical histories to identify food allergies and determine chronic illnesses
  • Gauge clients’ health goals such as weight loss or disease control
  • Prepare a menu for each patient depending on their physical and medical condition and likes and dislikes
  • Ensure that each diet plan is in accordance with the medication that clients are already taking
  • Assist cooks by providing food preparation guidance
  • Provide clients with information on the pros and cons of types of food
  • Suggest exercises to supplement suggested diet regimens
  • Provide daily food consumption information such as calorie intake
  • Meet families to ensure that clients have an appropriate support system to aid them in their dieting and exercising efforts
  • Provide information to clients on the benefits of eating organic food
  • Suggest food supplements for clients with malnutrition issues
  • Assist clients with autoimmune disorders to choose appropriate food items
  • Provide information to clients on the benefits of eating small portions
  • Provide consultation to patients regarding changing lifestyles and eating habits
  • Provide assistance to the cook by giving out instructions for specific meals for specific patients
  • Arrange food items and drinks on the tray and transport meals to the patients
  • Ensure that patients their meals in an attempt to ensure proper calorie intake
  • Make sure that all food items are prepared under strict hygienic conditions
  • Talk to patients during, before, and after mealtimes
  • Observe changes in patient’s conditions such as lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive patients and weight loss
  • Document any changes in patients’ files and provide periodical updates to the dietician.
  • Handle meal nourishment duties such as providing patients with fruits and healthy drinks.
  • Ensure that each patient takes his or her medication on time.
  • Clean food preparation areas to maintain sanitation standards

Sample Skills for Dietary Aide Resume

There are many skills that a dietary aide is expected to possess in order to be able to perform at the optimum. Let us look at some of these skills which will be beneficial when building a resume or cover letter for the dietary aide position.

  1. Track record of preparing and dispensing meals based on individually planned menus
  2. Working knowledge of food preparation techniques
  3. Familiar with diseases that may affect an individual’s need for certain foods
  4. Extensive background in the food service industry
  5. Familiar with sanitary and hygiene practices governing the preparation of food items
  6. Competent at operating kitchen equipment and tools
  7. Exceptional customer service skills
  8. Demonstrated ability to practice tact and diplomacy
  9. Flexible attitude while catering to the needs of residents or patients
  10. Proven ability to work in a quick manner within a fast-paced environment
  11. Able to perform routine dietary assistance tasks in a repetitive fashion
  12. Organizational and time management skills

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